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Decent places to eat late in or around PDX?

smoovegeek Aug 18, 2006 04:56 AM

So a friend of mine always wants to go out to dinner after she gets off work at 11pm...

I'm not expecting awesome food at that hour, but the options I know of are less than inspiring.

Here are my thoughts on what seem to be the local late night eateries of choice:
Montage is crowded and way overrated.
Dot's staffs too many people with silly hipster attitudes.
The Hotcake House reminds me too much of a camp cafeteria, and I'm rarely in the mood for what's on the menu there.
The Roxy is a bit too 'greasy spoon' for me any more.

Is there an inexpensive, good place to eat around midnight in this one-horse town? Actually, it doesn't need to be Portland... Beaverton/Tigard would work too.

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  1. g
    gin_soaked_beau RE: smoovegeek Aug 18, 2006 05:44 AM

    El Gaucho on SW Broadway, open til 2am. Steakhouse. Solid delivery. swanky feel without being pretentious.

    Dragonfish Asian Cafe
    909 SW Park Ave
    open til 12:30am fri/sat

    Another solid place, but beware sometimes they close a bit early if not busy. late nite sushi rolls for 1.95 are quite the deal but the place is much more than just sushi.

    1. p
      pdxgirl RE: smoovegeek Aug 18, 2006 06:12 AM

      El Gaucho is also quite expensive.

      We have gone to Dragonfish a couple of times after a show at the Schnitzer, service is spotty.

      The Red Star Tavern on Alder & 5th..
      Henrys Tavern on Burnside & 12th
      Balvo on NW 23rd is open til midnight..as I think is Pazzo on SW Washington & SW Broadway at the Hotel Vintage Plaza..

      1. t
        trillium RE: smoovegeek Aug 18, 2006 10:46 PM

        If you could get there at 11:30pm, I'd vote for Pambiche. Happy hour prices on drinks and dishes from 10 pm -midnight on Saturday night (and maybe Sunday).


        1. j
          jeff_pdx RE: smoovegeek Aug 19, 2006 12:31 AM

          You said inexpensive, which this isn't, but Gilt Club on NW Everett and Broadway serves a full dinner menu, not just bar food, until late. Went last week after a concert, probably one of the best dinners I've had in Portland after 11pm.

          Slow Bar on SE Grand is also very good food and much cheaper.

          I haven't been there in a while but Colosso is open late and being a tapas sort of place can be done for cheap.

          5th Quadrant is the New Old Lompoc's NoPo outpost, and has above-average pub food. Can't find the hours though: FoodDude's review lists them as being open until midnight M-F but closing at 10:00 on Saturday?? The official website isn't much help either: http://www.newoldlompoc.com/5qhome.html.

          1. o
            overeducatedwaitress RE: smoovegeek Aug 19, 2006 03:35 AM

            If you can get there by 11:30, the Farm Cafe on Burnside has great options at reasonable prices, especially if you go with some apps and great salads for nibblin' instead of full entrees. (Entrees run ~12-24--not expensive on the low end). They do vegetarian and seafood with local produce, etc. etc. And the service is improving, based on my last experience there! 7th and E Burnside.

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