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Aug 18, 2006 04:56 AM

Decent places to eat late in or around PDX?

So a friend of mine always wants to go out to dinner after she gets off work at 11pm...

I'm not expecting awesome food at that hour, but the options I know of are less than inspiring.

Here are my thoughts on what seem to be the local late night eateries of choice:
Montage is crowded and way overrated.
Dot's staffs too many people with silly hipster attitudes.
The Hotcake House reminds me too much of a camp cafeteria, and I'm rarely in the mood for what's on the menu there.
The Roxy is a bit too 'greasy spoon' for me any more.

Is there an inexpensive, good place to eat around midnight in this one-horse town? Actually, it doesn't need to be Portland... Beaverton/Tigard would work too.

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  1. El Gaucho on SW Broadway, open til 2am. Steakhouse. Solid delivery. swanky feel without being pretentious.

    Dragonfish Asian Cafe
    909 SW Park Ave
    open til 12:30am fri/sat

    Another solid place, but beware sometimes they close a bit early if not busy. late nite sushi rolls for 1.95 are quite the deal but the place is much more than just sushi.

    1. El Gaucho is also quite expensive.

      We have gone to Dragonfish a couple of times after a show at the Schnitzer, service is spotty.

      The Red Star Tavern on Alder & 5th..
      Henrys Tavern on Burnside & 12th
      Balvo on NW 23rd is open til I think is Pazzo on SW Washington & SW Broadway at the Hotel Vintage Plaza..

      1. If you could get there at 11:30pm, I'd vote for Pambiche. Happy hour prices on drinks and dishes from 10 pm -midnight on Saturday night (and maybe Sunday).


        1. You said inexpensive, which this isn't, but Gilt Club on NW Everett and Broadway serves a full dinner menu, not just bar food, until late. Went last week after a concert, probably one of the best dinners I've had in Portland after 11pm.

          Slow Bar on SE Grand is also very good food and much cheaper.

          I haven't been there in a while but Colosso is open late and being a tapas sort of place can be done for cheap.

          5th Quadrant is the New Old Lompoc's NoPo outpost, and has above-average pub food. Can't find the hours though: FoodDude's review lists them as being open until midnight M-F but closing at 10:00 on Saturday?? The official website isn't much help either:

          1. If you can get there by 11:30, the Farm Cafe on Burnside has great options at reasonable prices, especially if you go with some apps and great salads for nibblin' instead of full entrees. (Entrees run ~12-24--not expensive on the low end). They do vegetarian and seafood with local produce, etc. etc. And the service is improving, based on my last experience there! 7th and E Burnside.