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Aug 18, 2006 04:44 AM

chocolate at home

I cannot find a satisfactory chocolate powder for at-home hot chocolate. Any reccomendations? I can never seem to duplicate that creamy "city bakery" (new york reference) at home. Thanks!

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  1. Chocolate powder-I like Poulain's 1848 Dark chocolate powder (60%). Makes great hot chocolate, or cold. Or add to espresso..

    1. I use Green & Black's cocoa powder.

      1. I have a feeling city bakery isn't using powder at all. It's probably just melted chocolate and milk. If you want that super creamy type of hot chocolate I'd give melted chocolate and milk a try.

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          any advice as to proportions? thanks!

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            It looks like City Bakery's recipe is under lock and key! (did a few google searches). But I tried Jacques Torres and this came up. Worth a try! Maybe remove the hot peppers and spices if you don't like that? I like Jacques' hot chocolate a smidge better than city bakery. Less gloppy, but just as chocolatey. (obviously this recipe may differ from what they serve at Jacques Torrres' Chocolate Haven..)

            When I make it at home, I usually do it on the fly with leftover ingredients - so no accurate measurements.

        2. I don't know what City Bakery uses, but I've used Ibarra and hated it - too sweet. After playing around I ended up using a combination of dark chocolate (Valrhona, 70%) and cocoa (Scharffenberger), sugar to taste. It gave me good chocolate flavor with a smooth rich taste.