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Aug 18, 2006 04:27 AM

Max Brenner Chocolate and Bite

Haven't been to Max Brenner Chocolate yet or to Bite (the one on 14th between 2nd and 3rd). Curious about both. Reviews and best things to eat appreciated.

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  1. stopped by Max a week ago on a Sunday midday. It was fairly busy and a bit hot (staff mentioned a/c not great).

    one of us had the mexican hot chocolate (not sure if that's the name but it's the one that is described as extra thick.) It was great. Another poster tried a mocha or toffee (not sure about name) hot chocolate and found it limp.

    I bought to go the triple chocolate cake loaf. It was one of the best buys. It's a molten center chocolate cake, in a long loaf shape. I was able to get about 8 servings and it cost $12. I thought it was a good buy (unless they undercharged me).

    Do a search here to get more info. Service appeared uneven. My rec is to wait till after Labor day so they can iron out some kinks.

    1. Here's a recent Max Brenner thread:

      Like many of the posters, I thought it was very average, though the vanilla ice cream bars that you dip in melted chocolate, nuts and chocolate covered waffle cone pieces were fun.