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Aug 18, 2006 04:03 AM

Maiwand Kabob House and Damavand Market, Fremont report (w/ pics)

I went here after I found Mughal was closed for another hr-I didn't want to wait.

My first time there I asked the young man what was the more popular dishes. I ordered those:

Gyro sandwich only $3.99-beef gyro. If u want fries then it's $5.99. It was good. Thin slices of beef gyro, some sauce, lettuce, and bit of tomato on a nice soft gyro bread.

Chopan Kabob-steak cut lamb cooked over an open fire $11.95-lamb chops were tender and juicy. Comes with a slab of bread, some tomato/onion side, and a potato/garbanzo side.

Leek boulanee (menu spelling)-turnover bread filled w/ leek & spices, served with a side of yogurt sauce $6.99. It smelled great in the car and couldn't wait to get home. I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't crispy or spicy, and they didn't give me the yogurt sauce!

I might go back, but not in any hurry. Total was about $25 for take-out more than I wanted to pay.

They take credit card.

Maiwand Kabob House
37012 Towers Way #A
Fremont CA 94536
Damavand Market:
I went here after ordering some take-out at Maiwand Kabob House. It's a small store that sells Iranian food, halal meat and chicken, plus Iranian bread made fresh in the back of the store on the left. Melanie's previous posts:

I don't have much experience with Iranian food but I've tried a few things.

What I got:
Barbari bread-it's a type of Persian flatbread in Iran that's 2 feet long. It's crispy on the outside and light and delicious inside. Best to eat right when it's hot and fresh or within a few days. Cheap too $1.50.

Sadaf special blend tea w/ cardamom flavor-it's tea that's pretty light, good to make Chai-like tea, just add hot water, let it sit for a few minutes then add milk. $3.99 for 50 tea bags.

Sadaf Orange Honey $4.99 for 12 oz. It sounds good, will try soon.

Diamond Bakery baklava-looks like the regular baklava. Going to try it tomorrow.

They have lots of Persian spices, raisins, ice-cream, cheese, cardamom, lots of teas, sweets, etc. Worth exploring.

Store clerk/owner said I needed to buy $10 worth of stuff to use my credit card. I had over the amount but just paid cash.


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  1. Sounds like Maiwand is the latest occupant of that spot. I've seen at least four different businesses there in the couple of years I've been paying attention.

    Is the gyro still the prefabbed Kronos stuff?

    1. the gyro was probably the prefabbed Kronos stuff. It was ok, but the gyro bread was soft and good. I still enjoyed it.

      I just didn't care for the leek boulanee. The best version I've tried so far is at De Afghanan Kabob House that you mentioned before (by the Indian movie place on Fremont Blvd.):

      1. Maiwand
        The Chapli kabab is also awesome at this place, but their oil is suspect- it smells. HHC, you shud have eaten the bulanee at the restaurant if you wanted it crisp. Transporting it often makes it go soft. Other Agfghan restauirants also do not give Yogurt for to-go orders (Nor do they ask it as an up-sell item, I am sure people would pay)

        BTW, Maiwand & Damawand are Afghan businesses. One of the chefs at Maiwand works in the bakery at the back of Damawand & the bread comes from the bakery next door.

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          Isn't there a halal market in Fremont called Maiwand? Related to the restaurant?

        2. First i would like to say it is an Afghan Resturant not Iranian. the foods are good and delicious, but if you dont like too much spices please order Bolani without the Peper. i couldnt eat it . it was too hot for me.
          The bread there is from Afghanistan too, not Barbari Bread. Afghan breads are famouse through the world.