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Aug 18, 2006 04:01 AM

Very good Pho in Los Altos (just south of Palo Alto)

I ate Pho for the first time at lunch today with a Vietnamese lunch partner at Pho VI Hoa just south of Palo Alto on El Camino. I thought it was great and she said it was about as good as you're going to find without really looking hard or knowing someone special. It's a large place that was full of people and noise, enough noise to create opportunities for jokes as you tried to talk to each other. So it's well known in that area and now the rest of you know.

Pho Vi Hoa
4546 El Camino Real
Suite A12
Los Altos

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  1. Thanks for the report! I agree it's good considering the lack of choices in that part of the South Bay, but when I had it a couple years ago, it was good but not great if compared to the pho I've had in San Jose. I remember I anxiously waited for this place to open when I worked in PA, because there is no pho place with nice decor in the PA/Los Altos/Mtn View corridor. So Pho Vi Hoa definitely fills a niche.

    1. This place really rocks. I haven't had any luck with good pho at the other places nearby (ie Mountain View Castro or that Eiffel Tower place in Los Altos) or even the one or two places in Sunnyvale on El Camino, but PVH really stood out. They have a seafood egg noodle that comes close to the one at the Vung Tau restaurants that I love. Pho or egg noodle broth is really good quality and tasty, and the beef/tendon/brisket cuts are cooked and sliced to perfection. The pho is also cooked well too. Ice milk coffee has an interesting caramel flavor to it too that's unlike the bitter and sour tastes you get anywhere else.

      1. I agree. Good springrolls too. And of course, Tunk Kee Noodle is around the corner in the big shopping center at San Antonio and ECR. I have never seen Tunk Kee mentioned here, but I'm a regular.

        1. I like Pho Vi Hoa. I go here a lot simply because it's the closest Pho restaurant in Palo Alto that is decent. My only complaint is that the prices are a little high for pho

          1. I think the pho here is ok, it's definitely the best between mv, pa and la (way better than pho hoa, which everyone is always trying to drag one to). however, the shrubbery it's presented with is just basil and bean sprouts, i keep wishing for more. the broth is ok, not amazing. i keep hoping some new dishes will show up. i would just be delighted if they'd add banh mi.

            haven't tried the seafood egg noodle, though. that sounds really promising.