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Why do people recommend Pann's for breakfast?

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I've seen several people recommend it when the subject of LAX comes up. I googled it and had a look at the menu. It looks ... unremarkable.

We have friends from the East Coast visiting our area this week. They're staying near LAX. We're supposed to have a brunch on Sat. and I thought of asking for ideas but I already knew the answer would be Pann's. Now I just want to know "why".


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  1. You might try reading some of the earlier posts.

    My guess: because the breakfasts are good, and a good value.

    1. . . . or you could just go there and do a recon to find out. I like the eggs benedict.

      1. because of the fried chicken wings

        1. just be sure to skip the waffles unless you LIKE things that look and taste like the frozen waffles that you get at the local discount grocery store.

          honestly, it must take work to make a fresh waffle taste that bad.

          1. Had breakfast there about 6 months back based on what I read on this board. I was disappointed and wouldn't go back.

            For a brunch recommendation near LAX, 26 Beach is quite nice - indoors or on their covered patio. Their menu is different from a typical breakfast place but they make great varieties of french toast.

            1. Greasy, tasty, cheap no-nonsense food with friendly service.

              Not haute cuisine, but then nobodoy pretends that it is.

              1. Good biscuits, unusually good grits (I disagree w/J. Gold on this, but I think it's a matter of taste), very good country-fried steak and gravy. The waffle I had a bite of seemed OK to me, but I haven't really cared for them since I was 14 or so anyway. My companion seemed to like his.

                Pann's doesn't do much that's different from any other decent coffee shop, they just usually seem to do it a bit better. I have never had better fried chicken, at least not of the crisp variety. "Greasy"? I dunno...some folks think anything fried is greasy, others just call it Breakfast.

                1. Panns is nice and interesting if you want a big greasy "traditional" hearty breakfast.....the architecture is pretty retro and that's a selling point....pretty cheap..i think it is a tad overrated here as the end all of all coffee shop breakfasts, but they do a nice job.

                  in the LAX area, I enjoyed the brunch at McCormick's and schmicks....

                  1. I grew up here in LA and have gone to Pann's since I was a little kid. Like any place that serves food whether its fine dining or a coffee shop consistency can be an issue with that said I've always found the fried chicken wings to be at least good if not great. The buttermilk pancakes have been really great recently I've been there in the last month. Its the only thing I ever get so I'm usually pretty happy with the wings and pancakes combo. I did order the waffle once and had to send it back because it was way under cooked, but it was great when they gave me a new crispy one.