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Aug 18, 2006 03:40 AM


Every summer we take the kids on a search for the "best of" something. This summer it's Cheeseburgers. Give us your BEST, not just okay, and no chains please.

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  1. I've never been but Donovan's in Woodside is supposed to be very good.

    Not really a match with sit-down places but love the burger, fries and thick shakes at All American on Merrick Road in Massapequa.

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      If you compare it to other fast food joints All-American definitely stands out. The hand cut fries truly rock. As for burgers, the Double Double probably has the best meat/bun ratio.

      As for sit-down burgers I recently had a killer one at Black Forest Brew House in Farmingdale- big, juicy, nice sear/caramelization on the surface of the patty. I've been meaning to return to put their consistency to the test but haven't done so yet, fwiw.

    2. 1. Peter Luger in Great Neck, thick cut bacaon and cheese, Add well done fries and an ice cold Beck's, it doesn't get much better.
      2. Donavans in Woodside or Bayside, great burger and some interesting beer on tap.
      3. All American in Massapequa. This choice can cause great debate because for every person that loves this place someone else does not. This is a fast food burger, greasy and small on a marginally fresh bun. Somehow it works to perfection. I sent a fellow chowhound and burger lover, who prefers big burgers, and she did not think much of it, though she did love the fries. Those fries, hot out of the oil are as good as any fries anywhere. I actually discovered this place about twenty years ago when Sylvia Carter wrote about how perfect the fries were. I agree with "TongoRad" and the suggestion of a double double which is two cheeseburgers. Add a large order of fries and a shake. Give it a shot.

      1. Itgen's on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream has great hamburgers- juicy, tasty and greasy. They also have great homemade ice cream. Its a fun place to go to (it hasn't changed since around the 50's)

        1. Good standup or car burger goes to All-American in Massapequa.
          I was there for the lunch rush on Tuesday last and boy, it brought me back to my childhood, where 40 years ago a visit to the Golden Arches (or orange rings, yes we had a Wetson's in town) was a thrill.
          Nice people behind the counter.
          Reminded me of a slightly faster version of In-N-Out.
          Go with the double double, the onion rings are fresh, and don't forget a chocolate shake.
          As for Queens, the king happens to be Joe's Best Burger on Main Street in Flushing.
          Nice before a Mets game.

          1. My favorites are burgers at Major's in E. Meadow or Woodbury, accompanied by their home fries. I was just there on Wednesday, and the burger was the best I had in a long time. I believe that their secret is alot of sirloin in the patty.