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Aug 18, 2006 03:02 AM

SF cookie suggestions?

I'm making huckleberry ice cream for a dinner party this Saturday and want to serve some really good cookies with it. What SF bakeries do you recommend? I was thinking about the Rochers from Tartine but alternative ideas would be welcome.

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  1. How about Delissio on Market Street? I bought cookies from them for a party and they were a hit.

    1. Best cookies in the whole freaking world are at the Montgomery Street Bart Station, right when you're coming out. don't know the name, but always packed. absolutely to die for, and they have like 10 different kinds.

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      1. re: chefinthecity

        That might be Specialty's. But even if it's not, Specialty's would be one of my recommendations as well. They're huge and very rich. Good stuff.

        1. re: Agent 510

          I like Specialty's cookies too, but only if the cookies are still warm. 'Nuke them before serving. YUM! Don't forget the ice cold milk!

        2. re: chefinthecity

          Yep -- Specialty's. Excellent cookies and pretty darn good bread too.

          1. re: chefinthecity

            I really like the dense and half-raw style of Specialty's cookies, especially the semisweet chocolate ones. But I'm put off by the fact that, according to the staff at the location near my office, their cookies are made with margarine. They told me this after I asked jokingly how many pounds of butter they go through a day, and they answered, none, we use margarine.

            I find it hard to love a cookie that's based on margarine.

          2. Stella Bakery on Columbus. Good selection of small, light Italian-style cookies. Some shortbread style, florentines, dipped in chocolate, etc. You could put together a very nice plate, with 2 or 3 different kinds of cookies, or more, to go with the huckleberry ice cream. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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            1. re: djh

              Are there specific cookies that you like there? I went about a month ago and I found that they look very nice but don't taste very good. I did try a lemon-y cookie that I liked, but that was the only one I'd go back for.

              1. re: Mari

                I'm a sucker for florentines, and I really like those at Stella. I like the shortbread cookies, too, as well as the horsehoe-shaped ones with shaved almonds and chocolate. I was thinking a selection of shortbread cookies would pair well with huckleberry ice cream, to clear the palate between bites. But they are not done in the rich, buttery style, as I recall, so may be a bit bland for some tastes.

                1. re: Mari

                  Oh, and forgot the horsehoe shaped sugar cookies with the flaky crust. Not sure what they are called.

                  Here's the complete list of their cookies and other offerings:


                2. re: djh

                  Yes, I'm thinking about a cookie plate with the ice cream, and Stella (or Victoria around the corner) are high on my list of possibilities--thanks. Specialty's sounds good but sounds more like cookies-and-milk than an after-dinner cookie plate type of thing.

                  1. re: rootlesscosmo

                    You know, as much as I like the standard Italian bakery cookies, I wouldn't serve them at a dinner party with a home-made ice cream. If you go the Italian route, I'd splurge and get Emporio Rulli's exquisite cookies.

                    I haven't chimed in, waiting for someone to mention Bay Breads assorted fruit flavored and colored macaroons. Not the coconut kind, the French kind. The Bay Bread describes them ... They are delicate and simple, a little like Italian amaretti, but with a softer texture."

                    They are such pretty pastel colors and maybe a lemon, pistachio or lavendar would be lovely with your ice cream.

                    Add a few buttery financiers. Bay Bread has expanded its cookie line and has lots of little mini cookies, but I haven't tried those yet.

                    1. re: rworange

                      I think Emporio Rulli is exactly what I'm looking for--thanks for the suggestion.

                      In a perfect world, they'd open a branch at the Ferry Building...

                      1. re: rootlesscosmo

                        Love the amaretti at Rulli! They're small and don't weigh much, so you'll get a lot in *gulp* $20/lb.

                        1. re: rootlesscosmo

                          Just wanted to be clear that I was talking about two differnt bakeries in my post. The pastel macarons and the madelines are at Bay Bread.

                          I dug up my old post about the Italian cookies at Rulli and besides the amaretti that Melani mentioned I was impreseed with the chocolate cookies, an apricot cookie, the merangues (which might go nice with ice cream) and some sort of coconut cookie covered in almonds with a raspberry center. The fruit flavors are so true in these cookies.


                          Here was someone else's rave about the marzipan cookies


                  2. Hot Cookie at Castro and Market is my favorite for just cookies. They don't really have "fancy" cookies like macaroons and amaretti, but they have a good assortment of chocolate chip and its many varieties, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, etc.

                    I'm also a huge fan of the sandwich cookies at citizen cake, but they probably don't go that well with ice cream...