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Aug 18, 2006 02:08 AM

wine pairings?

OK, we're starting with zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta, then capellini with black olives, pignolis, orange zest, orange juice, garlic, and white raisins, then stuffed breast of veal and peas with a little chopped mint. What to drink? I'm thinking white wines straight through, but which? Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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  1. I ould have to agree although you mignt throw in a nice light pinot with the veal.

    1. Although, I’m not a big fan of Italian whites due mostly to the excessive acidity that I always seem to encounter with them, my preference for the zucchini flower and the capellini dishes would be a falanghina from the Campania region. I find these wines to be light, and with some zest but not overly acidic, and perfect accompaniment to light Italian appetizers from seafood to pasta to vegetables and cheeses. Feudi di San Gregorio makes a decent one.

      For the veal, I suggest trying a medium-bodied Italian red that showcases the fruit, with some slight spiciness. Nebbiolo-based wines from the Piedmont are the first thing that comes to mind (Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, a mature Barolo), as well as some Southern Italian varietals like Negromaro, Malvasia and Aglianico. Although, veal is a “light” red meat, I always prefered red wine with it as the wine brings out more of the true “meaty” character and flavor of the dish.

      1. I agree with medium bodied like Barbera d'Alba or a pinot noir, but wouldn't most Salice Salentino (negroamaro) or aglianicos be too much for veal? On the other hand, with the black olives and raisins on the pasta they might work. I guess it depends on what's in that stuffed veal.

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          I agree, and now I remember that most aglianico wines I've had have big (sometimes hard) tannin, with that dusty yet fruity mouth feel. However, I also recall that most negromaro wines that I’ve had are medium bodied and has that fruity lushness. In fact, I remember being served a chilled glass of this type of wine while in Puglia.

          A primtivo wine, I think that would work well with the veal would be one that I had most recently, Cantele Amativo (2001 and 2000 vintages). The wine consistently is medium bodied and has good lively ripe fruit and slightly spicy.

          Good question, though – What’s in those veal, anyway?

        2. It's a recipe I saw on Lidia Bastianich's show. You make a "pocket" in the slab of veal ribs and stuff with a mixture that includes onion, carrot, celery, mortadella (!), prunes (!!), and a couple of other things; tie it back up and braise in stock and white wine on a bed of leek, carrot, celery, and dried porcini, one hour at 400* covered with foil, another 2 hours with the foil removed. I think it's from Friuli-Venezia Giulia which is why I was thinking a white rather than red...

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            Good stuff! You just got me hungry!

            I still say you include a light Nebbiolo-based red on the table.

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              Hmm. Even before you mentioned this I was thinking a lighter red from northeast Italy for the veal, a Refosco, say, or a Terrano.

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                Some of the reds suggested: Pinot Nero, Lagrein are right on the money. To me the BIG red suggestions : Primitivo, Nebbiolo, Aglianico seem problematic, like they may steal the show. A nice sturdy white like a Franciacorta (still or sparkling) may be an interesting option for your veal dish too. Maybe for your first course a good Soave (they are out there), or an Arneis.

              2. Never tried those... good suggestions, thanks.