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It's Your Last Meal on Earth: You have $20 and are in SF...

...what do you do? I want to know that can't miss place that people love that doesn't drain half your 401k.

I think mine is A La Turca.

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  1. I'm at the Tadich having sand dabs with their wonderful tartar sauce, period.

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      I like it. I've been in SF for 5+ years and never eaten there. That is a rec worth following.

    2. I'm at Swan Oyster Depot. One dozen Kumamotos, sourdough with butter, pint of Anchor Steam.

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      1. Beef Jerky from Thai House Express
        1/2 Roast duck from Cheung Hing in Noriega
        A bottle of Chimay from Safeway accross from Cheung Hing
        Sitting at home in front of the TV clogging my artery.

        1. i'm getting an x-large pizza with x-tra cheese and x-tra garlic from Bravo Pizza. it will come dripping with enough oil to last you well into your next life.

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            lol larry, you know bravo pizza? the waitress Phi-la is awesome!

            I'd have a cheesesteak or steamers followed by lobster, with potato chips.

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              yeah, she's tyically our waitress. had a friend from australia in town and we took him there and have a picture of all of us, including her, with our pizza. on a good night when they're making the pizza well it's the best. the chef salad is a pretty good one as well.

          2. 2 crisy carnitas tacos with guacamole and sour cream, chips and salsa and two Bohemia beers from La Taqueria...if there is any money left, a scoop of Mexican chocolate ice cream from Mitchell's.

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              That reminds me...there's a great place for tres leches cake right near la taqueria. do you know the place?

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                  Not the one I'm thinking of, but looks like a place I should try. I love the tres leches cake, and it's very hard to find.

                2. re: luvthedives

                  That would be Dianda's @ 2883 Mission. Their Tres Leches is indeed very, very good.

              1. Hands down, a super prawn burrito with refried black beans at Papolote on 24th at Valencia. Then I'd go to Tartine for dessert.

                1. I'm going with either the seafood combo salad and Anchor Steam at Swan Oyster Depot option, or a big ol' ham'n'swiss w/ two or three beers at Tommy's Joynt.

                  Unless it's this time of year, in which case, I'd buy Italian bread at Acme, fresh mozzarella at Cowgirl Creamery, a few slices of prosciutto at Golden Gate Meat and an heirloom tomato and basil at Farm Fresh to You and have myself a sandwich.

                  Oh, and a glass of nice rose.

                  I *think* I could do that for under $20. I think.

                  1. Two crispy carne asada tacos with cheese and guacamole from La Taqueria, and a mango agua fresca. I think I'd do that twice with my $20.

                    Although, the sardines that I had at Boulette's Larder yesterday tempt me to reconsider...

                    1. I'd be in union square asking for donation of a few dollars, then head down to cafe mum's at japantown, chomping of the endless beef slices and try to break the record of 5 plates. Then I'll lay on the chair and for the departure from earth...

                      1. I'd actually split it 3 ways.

                        A bowl of really great ramen (Santa Ramen). Then followed by a burrito down the street from santa ramen at burrito alley then to a one of those dimsum/dumpling shops in chinatown to use the rest of the $ on what ever stikes my fancy.

                        1. Eggplant sandwich at Mario's Bohemian. That would leave me with enough to get
                          a second one wrapped to go for eating on the flight. Where are we going, anyway?