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Aug 18, 2006 01:33 AM

RW: Eastern Standard (and Sage)

We liked RW at Sage, but since so many other people have posted about it already, I don't have much to add!

I just wanted to note that the $20.06 three-course RW lunch at Eastern Standard (Kenmore Square) was great! The chilled yellow-tomato soup with a dollop of crabmeat salad was DELICIOUS, and the grilled sausage with mustardy potato salad was simple but very satisfying. Perfect weather this week for sitting outside too!

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  1. did you get the charlolette or choc/cherry tart? both are new on the menu, and i know that jamie(the chef) was having chris?(the new desert guy) tweak it a bit. sry for my blabbering, but i work there and always like hearing outside feedback about places i work. othern' that, glad you enjoyed it :D also, i havn't actually gotten to taste the char. yet, so i have my reasons for wondering.....

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      Believe it or not, neither dessert appealed to me (for my own idiosyncratic reasons), so I got the cheese plate. For some weird reason, I don't like chocolate and fruit mixed together in a dessert! If it had been cherry tart OR a chocolate tart, I would have gotten it, but not the two together.

      Also, the blueberry thing sounded too mushy to me: soft ladyfingers and soft blueberry mousse. I personally would have liked something with a little more bite, like a blueberry crisp or shortcake. But that's just my own bizarre tastes, which is why I didn't mention the dessert on my original posting. I'm sure plenty of other people would have loved the choc./cherry thing or the blueberry thing.

      If you try the blueberry thing, see if it needs something crunchy like nuts added, and maybe suggest that to the dessert guy!

    2. i just tried a bit of it today. it's kinda like tiramisu textured. not bad at all. and i forgot about the cheese.....