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Aug 17, 2006 11:34 PM

Scotch at Trader Joe's

What is the deal with the Scotch at Trader Joe's and why is it so inexpensive? Is it inferior stuff, or is it just an amazingly good deal?
Specifically, I'd like to know about the Macallan 10 that I've been reading a lot about on this site. Is it worth it, or would I be better off splurging for a Macallan 12 at a reputable liquor emporium?

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  1. If it's the same brand that you've seen elsewhere (a Macallan, for example), then it's 100% safe to buy at Trader Joe's. I don't know where they get their stuff, it's just cheaper. It's my place to go for sparkling wine because both Gloria Ferrer and Piper Heidseick are cheaper than anywhere else (the PH by almost $10).

    The liquor you take a gamble on are the ones labelled Trader Joe's or that are obscure brands you've never seen elsewhere. That's not to say they don't sometimes turn out well.

    1. Where is the Trader Joe's you're talking about? I'm in Michigan and they don't carry the hard stuff in the ones I've been in. That reminds me, I need to make a trip there soon.!

      1. State alcohol control laws are all over the map - it may just be that in Michigan it's not worth the expense to get licensed for liquor if the "supermarket" license they must have already covers wine and beer...

        1. Unfortunately some of us live in states where the laws only allow state controlled liquor stores to sell spirits. My cousin in California can buy single malts for $20 a bottle at Trader Joes that I have to spend $30 or $35 for a bottle in the state controlled stores here in Oregon. Of course I don't have to pay that nasty buck or two per bottle in sales tax that he does!

          I'm betting that Michigan doesn't allow grocery stores to sell anything other than beer or wine.

          I think Costco is trying to challenge some of the State Monopoly laws that are relecs left from the repeal of prohibition.

          1. The Costco that I go to does sell liquor. And what's rather archaic about Michigan is that you can't buy any alcohol before noon on Sunday. Even worse, in Indiana you can't buy alcohol at all on Sunday!