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Burgers and Hotdogs

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So I did a track of B and H in downtown NYC, here's my reviews and a list.

Criff Dogs: I like this place, great selection of dogs with pretty unique names, the space is cool with video game tables and a really laid back feel. The service was pretty bad though, the counter girl seemed like she didn't even have the time for me. I'm not sure what the dogs were but I tried a Veggie and beef(I think) and both were ok.
Rating: 7

Dogs on the Park: uh, terrible, from the guy behind the counter who had black grit in his nails while he handled my food to the over fried dogs that were drenched in oil. Even the ketchup was a little watered down for my taste. The space was dirty and i'm not sure how to describe how dirty it was.
rating: 1

Paul's Burgers: No better Burger in NYC (my opinion), had a big cheese burger cooked to perfection seasoned simply and juicy as I've ever had. The space is cool with lots of little gadgets to look at while you eat and really an open kitchen always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The hotdog was ok, nothing special, no special toppings.
Rating: 8

Shake Shack: I don't get what all the fuss is about. I waited in line for about 1.5 hours and got a mediocre burger and fries, the hotdog was nothing to write home about, no snap to it or anything. i guess people come here for the novelty of lines.
rating: 4

Lucky Burgers: Ugh the worse of the bunch by far, greasy, sloppily put together and overseasoned with Worsch. sauce. nuff said.
Rating: 2

Dash Dogs: Kosher Dogs sounded good to me, great selection of toppings, open kitchen(wink wink), nice snap and probably the only one that stoop up with Criff dogs. They also do Sliders!, love love mini burgers, they do it with all the same toppings the hotdogs do. the burgers are cooked infront of you. I have the special 3 burgers and a soda, one with avocado salsa, one with cilantro and one with just bacon and cheese.
Rating: 8

As far as pricing goes, I don't mind paying more for quality and the most value priced burgers was at Paul's, the hotdogs was Dash.

Hope this wasn't too long and helps you all find your junk food dreams.


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  1. I totally agree with your views on Dogs on Park & Lucky Burger. Blue 9 & Paul's are some of my local favorites, but I must admit that Corner Bistro has the best Burger in NYC, hands down...

    1. Thanks for the reviews...this makes me yearn for a Chicago-style dog (you know, Vienna beef with pickle, tomato, mustard, glowing green relish, celery seed, hot peppers...) Does anyone know if anyplace in NYC does a passable version?

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        Shake Shack sells one. I've never had it.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I wouldn't consider Shake Shack's version authentic. They put lettuce, green peppers, and cucumbers on the dog. You won't find these at the better places in Chi town. For an authentic Chicago style dog, try J's Beef on St. Georges Ave. in Linden, N.J. Vienna beef dogs, and most of the condiments shipped in from Chicago.