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Aug 17, 2006 10:50 PM

Good Chinese delivery near Chinatown?

I live near Chinatown and, bizarrely, have no idea what's a good delivery place. I know a lot of the restaurants are uber-touristy and likely to be crap, but I know there have to be some gems that deliver!


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  1. Z&Y Garden is a fantastic Szechuan place that delivers.

    For standard, but good, Chinese food, also try Fortune Wok.

    Brandy Ho's may be a bit touristy, but their smoked dishes are, nevertheless, very good. They also deliver.

    Now...with those suggestions in mind, let me warn you. STAY AWAY from the Potsticker; the worst Chinese food (delivered or otherwise) I've ever eaten (and I've eaten at "China Buffets" in Florida).

    By the way, most Chinatown places don't deliver. However, I think you're a little crazy to be living so close to Chinatown and not just going to pick it up. You can drive if you don't want to manage walking/biking up the hills, as driving and parking in Chinatown is a lot easier than most may think. last thing - R&G Lounge also delivers, but it's a bit pricey for your standard delivery-type food.

    1. R&G delivers? Good to know.

      I know most places don't deliver; that's why I've had a heckuva time finding one! I don't need to drive there--I literally live at Bush and Mason, three blocks from the entrance--but generally, when I'm in a delivery mood, it's because I don't feel like leaving the house. Call me crazy, but sometimes I like a full night in.

      I'll look up Z&Y and Fortune Wok. Thanks.