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Aug 17, 2006 10:48 PM

Does Haru Ulala take reservations?

A few friends and I want to at Haru Ulala this Saturday night around 7-ish. This will be our first time there. Do you know if they take reservations? I've tried calling them but continue to get the busy signal.

And if Haru doesn't take reservations, do you know of any place in Little Tokyo that's good that does take reservations? We're looking for somewhere casual and reasonably priced like Haru.


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  1. I kind of doubt it, but it probably won't be that crowded, especially for just two people. It's more fun to sit at the bar anyway.
    You can try Izayoi, they might take reservations.

    1. Yes they do. Here their number (213) 620-0977. It might take a while for them to answer if they are busy though. I've made reservations for 4 on a Saturday night before.

      1. We (4 of us) will be there on Saturday around the same time. What a small world!

        1. I just managed to get through and make a reservation for Saturday. Thanks!

          Socalqtpi, I'll be looking around at the tables of 4 and wondering who looks the most Chowhoundish. ;)