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Aug 17, 2006 10:39 PM

Good Eats in Cambria, CA

My wife and I are headed to Cambria next week. Any food suggestions other than the Sow's Ear? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Robin's is a longtime favorite; we also like Hoppe's in Cayucos.

    1. can you explan what kind of rest's these are? and what cusine? prices? thanks.

      1. hello, Robin's is eclectic-Cal cuisine, good ingredients, Asian (both eastern and southern) nuances to the seasoning and prep on some dishes, mediterranean slant on others,vegetarian and vegan options, good wine list incl. small local (SLO county) producers. Moderate ($15-25 p.p. not incl. drinks) prices for the quality, homey ambience, good service. Satisfying and pleasant, good rather than great. cheers

        1. You can check out their websites:

          Last year when we were there they had a new chef & it seemed the quality was a cut above previous visits, which were usually satisfying & reliably good if not great, as moto posted. Lots of options so easy to find something to like, in a pleasant environment, nice people. Don't know whether this new chef is still there.

          I like the burger, & if they have wild mushroom pizza on our coming visit, I'll get it again.

          We've also heard good things about:

          but we won't have tried it until our visit next week.

          In Morro Bay, Taco Temple for casual Mexican; Windows on the Water for very nice upscale dining-- seafood, etc., expensive.

          Have a great time.

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            We have been eating at Robin's for over 15 years and it was our #1 choice in Cambria. We enjoyed it for it's Pan-Asian influence and interesting ethnic food. In the last year or so, the owner has changed the menu and hired a new chef. It has lost its uniqueness to me and become another "California-style restaurant". The last time we were there we asked them to make a famiiar hot and spicy tofu dish that the chef bungled. Why tweak with a good thing?? Go to Wild Ginger owned by the former head chef at Robin's to get your fix of authentic cuisine.

          2. FWIW, just read a very bad review of Wild Ginger online:


            Anyone here care to comment?

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              Also online, Black Cat Bistro is rated #1 in Cambria. It was not rated as high as Robin's by us on our last visit. Should we give it another try?

              1. re: Babette

                We've never experienced anything like what was described in that review at Wild Ginger, in fact I was tempted to ask if maybe Deborah had sold the place. Granted our visits were some time ago so maybe popularity is taking its toll. I would give little to no cred to rants or raves on other forums, why bother when you've got CH?

                Also count me in the camp that prefers Black Cat to Robins.

              2. re: Babette

                We have eaten several times at Deborah Mok's Wild Ginger. She is the former chef and former sister-in-law of Robin (Robin's Restaurant). Deborah can be less than inviting but given some patience the food overshadows potentially that concern. The restaurant is tiny, tiny but the food is outstanding. Try it again on a less crowded night and report back. As mentioned in a previous reply it was what Robin's USED TO BE.