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Tired of summer food

Anyone else ready for some cooler weather food? I took Hungry Celeste's suggestion and turned that half a duck into gumbo, thanks for the suggestion. By some fluke I made the best roux I have ever made. It was perfect.

Tonight it is Rick Bayless' recipe for beef short ribs with tomatoes, roasted poblanos and herbs. I was sure that recipe was for country style pork ribs and went nuts trying to find the recipe. Luckily I had a photo of the dish with the book in the back ground and did a systemic search of the book and there on a slightly spattered page was the lost recipe.

So what are you ready for or hungry for that you have been uninterested in in the past few weeks?

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  1. Funny you mention this, because I've been making only hot weather stuff recently, but Sunday night I made old fashioned meatballs in marinara sauce. I had mine over toasted bread, my husband went really old school and had his over spaghetti. But it's always kind of chilly here in summer so I find myself making "colder weather" items even during the summer (but not braises or panades, which I really only associate with "super cold" weather).

    1. im tired of it too...the chef at my restaurant made an incredible 'Ishikari Nabe' salmon-miso-sake hot post with juicy tender daikon simmered long. with rice, it was to die for -- despite the heat.

      1. I'm with you, Candy. I've been craving chili, stew and braised short ribs.

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          .....and braised chuck and pork roast.

          Oh yeah. I've been thinking about experimenting with cassoulet.

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            ...and add roasted chicken to my list. I'm thinking of trying the Zuni chicken on my gas grill next week.

        2. I have got some salt cod soaking for a salt cod stew tomorrow. It's gonna be hot out, and I don't care; I must have it!

          1. We have company coming tomorrow and I'd like to spend some time with them as opposed to being in the kitchen. So, tomorrow will be Tyler Floence's Ultimate Beef Stew. I can start it before they arrive, and dish it up when everyone is ready to eat. Plus, we're in SF and it will be in the 60's if not 50's tomorrow night.

            1. Me too! Me too! It's still 100F here though! :-( I can eat hot food anytime, (unless I've been outside all day) but others around me aren't up for it. I've been craving lasagnas, bisques, and short ribs sound pretty good too! To be honest, I haven't been cooking much of anything lately though... the last couple of nights have been 8:00 or 9:00 dinners, and not Chowhoundish dinners either!

              1. I always get tired of summer food about this time of year. I may make a pot roast this weekend. Mr. Janet will be thrilled.

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                  I got tired of summer food right after we came back to LA (in the 90's) from 10 days fishing in Montana (105 deg); I had bought a new small crock pot so as not to cook for the entire Siberian army and have made: lentils with chicken sausage; chicken chili; pork butt with beer and chickpeas; and am planning beef stew. Also making gumbo this week (not in crock pot). Its so wonderful to smell food cooking and not be blasted with oven/stove heat.

                2. Yeah, I was doing almost nothing but salads for weeks, and then Mrs. O left town for her button-collectors' convention, and that was that. I braised a big thick pork steak, made about three pounds of mashed potatoes, got some salt cod and made fish cakes and then a Portuguese sort of stew (and posted the recipe here, which nobody seemed to notice) that kept me happy for a few days... It helped a lot that the blast-furnace heat we'd been having has modulated, but Summer-Food Fatigue had much to do with it as well. Yesterday, for instance, I slow-braised a pork shoulder butt porchetta-style, and with that had buttered baby green beans and some Armenian-style rice pilaf with fried plantains alongside. Tonight we're going back to summer, with cold pork, some farmer's market heirloom tomatoes cut up and dressed, cold asparagus and a French potato salad. Then maybe I'll go out and get some more lettuce...

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                    Tonight I am making pizza Margherita and my DH requested I put chopped basil in the crust as I did over a week ago. It is one of those steamy rainy Indiana days where is is so humid all of my windows are fogged up.

                    Just because of no comments don't think no one noticed your salt cod recipe. I notice any mention of salt cod and also have found it ridiculously to make my own at home. The recipe was in the Bouchon book and for a Keller recipe it was a no brainer!

                    P.S. I have some peaches marinating in dark brown sugar and George Dickel which will get a dollop of whipped cream on top. I guess that is pretty summery.

                  2. Been cooking like I do all year around, trying different dishes, baking new goodies and just planning my menu around what is hanging around in the fridge. :)

                    I'm all about variety in my meals... :)


                    1. Ever since I typed the word gumbo in response to your duck post, I've had it on the brain. Getting ready to cook a big pot of chicken/sausage/oyster gumbo right now...it's almost cool (87 degrees) thanks to an overcast, rainy afternoon. Seeing yellow schoolbuses on the roads again makes me think of fall, no matter what the heat index is!

                      1. Summers are too short in New England to be tired of summer food yet. The local farmer has 3 different varieties of sweet corn which we have at least twice a week. I've been experimenting with salads since my DIL hates tomatos and we have family dinner once a week. A recent cold orzo salad with dried tomatos, baby spinach, black olives (forgot to buy Greek ones), and feta cheese was a hit. Her favorite salad is that crunchy broccoli/cauliflower with raisins etc that I would never have thought was even edible if I hadn't had it at a potluck. I bake an easy dessert in the morning while it's still cool. Fresh peaches are now in season so this week's dessert was peach cobbler. The previous week it was blueberry pudding cake #2 with wild blueberries we had picked. My husband likes to grill so except for the corn, I don't have anything to cook when I get home from work.

                        1. I start out tired of summer food. Well, not quite, but my deepest love is always for cold-weather food: stews, braises, potatoes roasted with duck fat, things with gravy and lots of grease and starch. I can't wait for fall so I can start seriously baking again.

                          1. I never get tired of summer food and never get tired of winter food. I also never care when I make them. I'm making chili tomorrow night and I grill year round. I make caprese salad in the winter and I bake bread in the summer. I eat what I want when I want.


                            1. It's funny you should mention this. I have been craving a baked sweet potato with butter and a little bit of brown sugar for a week now. Sometimes I like these as opposed to white potatoes with a grilled steak and and a salad.

                              1. Funny thing about this. Today I was at a Greek food festival at which the AC was cranked. I was actually a little cold, so I had some stewed lamb shanks. Yum! Made me look forward to the weather turning.

                                1. I live in Darwin, Northern Territory (Australia. It's tropical. We eat summer food sometimes - but we also eat Asian and Indian, European, English and Irish, whenever we feel like it 8-)

                                  It's a joy to sit on the verandah during the wet season, while the warm rain buckets down, eating oxtail casserole......

                                  1. Except for when it is triple digit weather I like braises in the summer, especially if I can take advantage of fresh veggies. Thursday night I made Molly Stevens' Quick Braised Chicked with Prunes and Olives (I did the red wine version). A neighbor gave me some cukes and tomatoes from her garden, so we had a nice salad to go with it.