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Does anyone know of a good place to dine with a view overlooking the ocean?

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  1. We've got a pretty long coastline here in LA/OC. Could you narrow your geographical preference a bit?

    1. You're right about that! I am thinking anywhere between Malibu and Orange County.

      1. Here is a post from 2 days ago found via the search category above.

        1. I've never been here, but I saw it reviewed recently on the local news and it looked like a great beach front restaurant.


          1. Decor is a little over the top bling-wise, but I enjoy the food at Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes and the view is spectacular. Pricey but good quality, especially like the fresh seafood dishes.

            1. I enjoy One Pico at Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica.

              1. if you just want a funky seafood shack, try either Neptune's Net at the North end of Malibu, or Malibu Seafood, which is closer to Santa Monica

                1. if you order carefully geoffrey's and beau rivage are ok.

                  actually beau rivage - no view.

                  you might want to check the marina del rey postings. I don't know the area that well.

                  1. Bob Morris' Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu.

                    1. great view at laguna niguel 4 seasons

                      1. Kincade's in Redondo Beach. Literally sits OVER the water, jutting off the pier.

                        1. Duke's and Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - at sea level, the sand is right outside the back door of the restaurant.

                          Moonshadows and Geoffreys have phenomenal above sea level views of the water and sunset.