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Aug 17, 2006 09:46 PM

Where to go for a Birthday in Oakland?

It's my birthday this week and about ten of us would like to have dinner at a good place that isn't too expensive (entrees between 15-20 at most). It doesn't have to be fancy, but around the East Bay Oakland/Berkeley area would be good. I like trying new places, but even after skimming the board I'm blanking on restaurants that might work (need to take reservations). Previous years and other birthdays have been at Venezia, A Cote, Zax, Adagia, 6 Degrees...
Would Pizzaiolo take a large group reservation? I don't think we can all get there by 5:15...

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  1. Pizzaiolo would be perfect. They do take reservations for groups of 6 or more. You should try to specifically request the large table in the main dining room and not the communal table. They also have a nice, large table in the outdoor patio, but the large table in the main dining room is best.

    Lukas comes to mind as a runner up, though I'd take Pizzaiolo over Lukas in a heartbeat.

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      I've been to Luka's twice recently (liked the 1st time a lot, didn't like the 2nd time quite as much) would like to have something a little different. Your posts on Pizzaiolo have been inspiring me to try more there (only been once and with just one other person, so didn't try too much on the menu). Thanks!

      1. re: jeannechang

        I hope it works out. Just remember:
        Niman Ranch pork - eh
        Heritage Foundation pork (the breed will be cited on the menu) -Oh My God!
        And you have to try the fried chicken if it's available. Same goes for the fig app.

      2. re: Morton the Mousse

        Second that. I often see big parties at the table at the back of the dining room, looks like fun.

      3. If Pizzaiolo is booked, Dona Tomas right next door is also fun for big groups.