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Aug 17, 2006 09:42 PM

Interesting Sacramento dining article in SF Chronicle

Marlena Spieler, a Sacramento native (or, at least, someone who grew up in Sacramento and who has relatives who still live there,) wrote about a food crawl/discussion between her and Sacramento gourmet foods specialist, Darrell Corti, in her Wednesday SF Chronicle column. She listed many interesting food vendors and restaurants in the article.

Here's the link:

I don't know how many of these will be new to Sacramento natives, but it was sure helpful to this San Franciscan. What do you folks from Sacramento think of her suggestions?

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  1. For out of towners or people who have recently located to Sacramento the suggestions are very good. I especially like that they chose several different areas. While there are some great places to eat in mid town and downtown there are a lot of great places in the burbs that get overlooked. With the exception of Lemon Grass/La Bou Cafe (too crowded and food doesn't compare with Rice Noodles on Arden), I'd recommend the choices they made to visitors.

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      I am going to try Rice Noodles on Arden. Thanks!

    2. I believe she wrote the wonderful cookbook that I mentioned as one of my favorites...Jewish Cooking. Fabulous cookbook.

      The Waterboy is par excellence of course, I love Edokko as well, National Meats, and Andy Nyguens. Lemon Grass...lovely. I have been to the market on 65th and Stockton...Paris Bakery is a fantastic place for sandwiches. I don't think she mentioned it. The SF Market is wonderful..huge asian store.

      I will have to try Jaimies on Broadway. Who knew?

      I shop at Corti's when I am on that side of town...great deli and meat market....and very nice wine selection. I do think the service has gone down over the past few years. I was standing at the checkout counter recently and had to listen to the employees gripe about someone they were working with. It was unusual for that store. I tend to go to Taylor's Market for meat and fish...much more customer centered and great butcher shop. It's on Freeport and has been there many, many years.

      1. Has anyone been to Jamie's? What's the deal with this place, it intrugues me. What are it's hours?

        1. Jamie's is a little hole in the wall on Broadway at 6th (or so). It is open for business limited hours--weekdays (not sure about monday) for lunch and dinner ending at about 8:30. We have been there for dinner on a couple of Friday nights when they have all you can eat BBQ, but they also usually have other choices like fish or chicken for those that aren't up for grubbin' out on the Q. It's quite homey and divey, there aren't menus, what's being served is written on a chalkboard. It also seems to draw a decent afterwork cocktail crowd. All in all, its very charming and upretentious. I recommend it but you have to plan for it because it's closed on weekends.

          1. I researched Marlena Spieler...she has a wonderful resume! I am so very pleased that she wrote about Sacramento and the great food that is to be discovered here.