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Aug 17, 2006 09:39 PM

NYC Chowhounders on 3 day visit to SF

Me and my chowhounding boyfriend are going to spend three days in SF. We're both extremely adventurous about our food and love to eat well. I've been to SF but he hasn't, so i definitely want to impress during a short amount of time. I basically need the following:
best burrito spot in SF (and there's no time to drive outside the city!), best new asian-fusion spot for dinner, good place for lunch near golden gate park or upper haight, dinner/lunch in the mission, best sushi that won't break the bank.


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  1. Ame for Asian/fusion (based on some reports here). Park Chow for casual lunch near the park, and Range in the Mission for dinner.

    1. You can take my word on best burrito. I have marched 10+ people on 2 different occasions throughout the Mission and have sampled at least 8-10 different places in the area. The steak and prawn burrito at Pancho Villa (16th/Mission) is terrific. I would also recommend the al pastor at El Farolito (24th and Mission).

      Best sushi that won't break the bank is Hamano on Castro near 24th. Main-streamers will of course say Ebisu or something. I do like Zushi Puzzle as well on Lombard (recent star on Zagat's so now often busy).

      Great lunch on Haight is Citrus Club (noodle house) -- cheap and delicious.

      For dinner/lunch in the Mission I'll have to defer to others.

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        Could you share the secret of getting a delicious lunch at Citrus Club? Have mostly heard that it's just so-so and overpriced.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Interesting -- of all the places in the city hard to imagine anyone calling that place overpriced. I don't think I've ever ordered anything that cost more than $8-9. I order custom (not on the menu) if I want one of their heaping bowls of soup - I go with the chicken soup with vegetables but ask for the miso broth instead of the standard broth. The chicken is shredded white meat...tasty. I also like the noodle dish with coconut milk and chicken. For apps, I get the edamame and fresh spring rolls (not fried).

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Vietnamese spring rolls
              House - garlice edamame
              Pho-Ga, miso broth, add veggies
              Spicy lemon and coconut chicken

              keep an eye out for the specials cause those can be real good, too.

      2. Bar Tartine's in the Mission--quite tasty, although you'll want a reservation if you don't like sitting at the bar. California-European food, pretty creative.

        I always tout Sanraku for good, fresh sushi at a decent price. It's near Union Square downtown.

        1. Some ideas for dinner/lunch in the Mission:

          Dinner at Delfina or lunch at Delfina Pizzeria. Delfina is California style Italian (Italian preps using locally available ingredients) and Delfina Pizzeria is a casual offshoot next door with great pizza (plus other Italian delights).

          Breakfast or lunch at Tartine Bakery--great baked goods at breakfast and grilled panini for lunch.

          Any meal at Ti Couz for awesome crepes.

          Range is good for dinner for New American style cooking. Not sure if it's something you can't get in NYC, though.

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          1. re: farmersdaughter

            I definitely second the Ti Couz suggestion.

            As silly as it sounds, if you want a really good slice of NY style pizza (or just a quick lunch), Arinell's in the Mission. (I live in NYC, and it's better than most you find here).

            1. re: erink

              Arinell is so bad that it's surprising how many expatriate New Yorkers like it (though that's by no means unanimous, see the link below). My theory is that its fans are pining for a particular style of mediocre greasy junk food pizza and Arinell has more or less duplicated it.


          2. Here's a long thread on the best Mission burrito:


            Here's a fairly definitive history: