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Aug 17, 2006 09:23 PM

Questions about Mexican joint GUELAGUETZA

Hi Chow-sters!

I've heard glowing reviews about Guelaguetza on W. 8 St, but people only seem to rave about their mole sauces. What are their actual outstanding dishes??

I love all the details...Thanks!

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    1. re: Liquid Sky

      Mole is what they do best, especially the original black mole with chicken.

      I also really like their chile relleno (Done Oaxacan style, very different from the greasy and cheesy ones most are familiar with) as well as the Horchata with nuts and prickly pear syrup. Here's a report I did about the 8th location that features lots of their dishes..


    2. I actually organized a large sampling dinner at Guelaguetza last month and did a recap of it as well. You can see that posting below plus there's also a link that will take you to photos.


      1. Thanks to you both! Okay, I think I have a better idea now on what to order. I guess I'll stick to the one on W. 8 Street since it seems like the original one.

        I wonder if they serve this great fish called ESCOLAR that I had at another Mexican place. Not easy to find, and I would guess this place would do a great job at making it.

        Horchata sounds good, as does the fried bananas for dessert. I've never been much of a flan fan.

        Would you say they do a better job on the chicken, shrimp or pork dishes? (I like them all!)

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        1. re: Liquid Sky

          Escolar is a fairly common fish, not particularly Mexican as far as I know. Perhaps you've had it served as butterfish? Escolar is very oily but nearly "fat-free" because the oil it contains is not metabolized by the human body. That also means some people have big-time problems digestive problems after consuming escolar. I think I even remember that Water Grill (at least when Cimarusti was the chef) wouldn't serve it. I like it but it is a problematic food for some. Here is a link you may want to check out:

        2. does anyone know if they do mail order for the mole?

          1. I'm pretty sure they don't...but buy me lunch there and I'll send you all you want. Freezes well too.