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Aug 17, 2006 09:17 PM

Why I love Paco's... (Arcadia)

I stopped in for lunch today and felt the need to share my love for Paco's Mexican Restaurant (SE corner of Foothill blvd and 2nd Street in Arcadia). Hands down they have my favorite tortilla chips. I'm not sure why Mexican places have so much trouble with tortilla chips, but Paco's is consistently good. Fresh, airy... they never disappoint. The other thing I think Paco's does really well are their refried beans. A thick consistency, great texture -- (I don't like runny refried beans).

Today I had the chicken enchilada which hit the spot. They also have good burritos: huge, easily feeds 2 -- I've only tried the chicken, and good nachos: easily feed 2 as well, I've tried the chicken and the carnitas - although, the carnitas chunks were huge and we ended shredding it up a bit.

The only disappointing thing I've had there was a side salad - they didn't rinse the water out of the lettuce enough and it was very watery - inedible.

If you are in the neighborhood, it's worth checking out... especially for the chips and beans!

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  1. Thanks for the nice review - I will be in Arcadia this weekend and will stop by for lunch. Can you tell me if their salsa is as good as their chips?

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      The salsa is on the chunky side with very little 'kick' (if any) - I'd say it's an "Americanized" version of salsa. I'm not a salsa fan, so I'm not the right person to ask -- but my dining companions have always seemed to like it.

    2. You can get the chips to take out which I do. They are worth going for by themself.

      1. I love Paco's. Try the Buffalo Wings. The best in the San Gabriel Valley. The margarita's are very good too!

        1. Their chicken chimichanga is my favorite-it's pretty much what I've been ordering since I was little. Be sure to go there w/ an empty stomach because their portions are HUGE