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Aug 17, 2006 08:51 PM

In Rome, NY for a bit...Anything a Manhattanite might deem "passable"?

I've been to the area numerous times, and have found mostly greasy spoons and red-sauce italian joints. Those are great, but if you know of any place interesting, hip, trendy/upscale, or ethnic (ex-Italian), pleeeease advise :)

thanks much

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  1. We live South of Rome,N.Y. and we never go there to eat.
    Like you said;greasy spoons and red-sauce joints.
    The whole Utica/Rome area,unfortunately,is a food disaster area.
    Sorry to have to say this;I too wish there was a place like you want to eat at there.

    1. There are a few places in Utica if you want to drive. I like Cafe Canole and Symeons for something different, their menus are a bit more eclectic. In Rome there is a small cafe called Sophia's on Black River Blvd that was good the last time I was there.

      If all else fails- go the Turning Stone Casino- only a few minutes away from Rome. Peach Blossom is beautiful, with asian and thai, Rodizio is a Brazilian steakhouse, Pino Bianco is good italian- different regions of italy are represented on the menu, Wildflowers is in the lodge. Take your pick- but skip the Emerald! FYI- it can be a bit pricey, but you won't get much better in Rome, NY. They have a website.

      Also- the Colonial Inn just north in Turin has decent traditional fare, but probably the best pie I have ever had (I rec the coconut creme).

      1. Take a drive to Canajoharie and eat at Church & Main. My husband and I stumbled on it last summer when we were on a bike tour, and it was amazing. Only fresh, in-season ingredients, sophisticated food and atmosphere. Definitely worth the drive.

        1. Emgirl

          I have come to save your day. I too was forced by business to withstand the culinary void of the "Dark Triangle" (Utica and Rome). I am a native Manhattanite who on the verge of starvation discovered a savior worthy of regular pilgramages.

          Are you ready?

          8195 Seneca Turnpike (AKA RT. 5)
          Clinton, NY 13323
          315 732-2002

          You can thank me later.