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Aug 17, 2006 08:33 PM

Dinner in eastern Santa Monica?

Where else is there at the eastern end of Santa Monica to eat aside from Fritto Misto? Preferably a restaurant with a full bar. We're going tonight, so it can't be a place that needs reservations far in advance. Thanks for your input.

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  1. Hey there: Fritto Misto is arguably anything BUT east, as far as Santa Monica goes. With Centinela blvd as the true eastern border of S.M., you have alot of choices actually. How about Violet, on Pico? How about Il Forno, on Ocean Park? How about Literati II, on Wilshire (though technically a couple of blocks east of the S.M./WLA dividing line). A mile yet further east will find the best option, Nook Bistro, on SMB. Don't know about the full bar, though...

    1. I like Nook too, although that is West LA, I think. Good wine selection.
      Wilshire fits the bill (Hollys West is next door).
      Drago is pretty on the mid-eastern end too. They have a full bar.
      Pacific Dining Car. Never been but now it's open 24 hours. Maybe I'll stop there instead of Izzys late nite.

      1. All fine suggestions. We aren't that familiar with that part of SM. Thank you very much.

        1. I've always loved Vito's & it definitly has a full bar!

          1. You can also go to:
            l Fornaio
            1551 Ocean Ave
            Santa Monica, CA 90401
            (310) 451-7800

            or Le Petit Cafe
            Le Petit Cafe
            2842 Colorado Ave
            Santa Monica, CA 90404
            (310) 829-6792