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Aug 17, 2006 08:33 PM

Eating krill

Should the desire hit you, Eon Cafe on Hayward serves krill ... in almost everything ... cookies, clam chowder, sushi, tuna salad.

If the krill is not to your taste, they are supposed to serve a fine, krill-less cup of Barefoot Roasters coffee. John Birdsdall writes in the East Bay Espress link ...

"At Eon, sipping an espresso is like sipping fine silk foam"

Anyone tried them ... or the krill?

There's also a review of Gorilla Cafe in Berkeley in this week's East Bay Express.

OK, I might eat some krill myself. Who knows, John Birdsdall might just be an interesting critic for the East Bay Express after all ... as long as he doesn't make fun of mom and pops ... though doing some mainstream places might be in order at this point ... not everyone's a chowhound, after all ... even chowhounds might not be enough chowhounds for krill ... I would say that John might have taken the bullet for us on this one.

Krill discussion on the general board.

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  1. they do have krill in everything. they even display a book that you can peruse explaining what krill is and it's 'health' benefits. i imagine it's just cheaper than shrimp....

    it's a good place though. they have good, strong coffee, and free wireless. it can get crowded with the kids from chabot college (right across the street), but it's a bright nice spot to sit and have a cup of coffee on hesperian in hayward. they have a big patio that is far enough removed from hesperian it's not that noisy. there's not too much else in the area for coffee, and the starbucks at winton/hesperian is cramped and there isn't much outside seating.

    it's a good place for hayward. far from a destination though, in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I worked in that area for a while and the coffee situation is abysmal. Nice to have a place to stop in the area. Currently I've been using Krispy Kreme when I'm in that area and need a caffeine fix. Yeah, a bit down from Hayward, but I'm usually traveling down the road to SJ or points south. Yeah, a good coffee stop to keep in mind.

      1. I've eaten krill before in a bento lunch and if I can help it I'll never eat it (them?), again. It was what I imagine eating bugs would be like. Crunchy (not an appealing "mouth") - they were cooked in something like a teriyaki sauce, but ~even that~ didn't save them.... like you'd think newly-born shrimp might be like.