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Aug 17, 2006 08:31 PM

Las Vegas for snobs.

Since there are SO many good restaurants in Las Vegas, I have to narrow down what I am looking for, so here is what I need. I will be entertaining some friends' parents who are food lovers but who are also on the snooty side. They don't like large, quiet, sterile hotel dining but then again, I would die if I took them to a big Hollywood scene with tatoos, body piercing, rapsters and Lindsay Lohan lookalikes.]
So, here is the critera. Great food, of course, possible French, Italian, or continental/American. Smallish dining rooms with tables close together. A popular place and somewhat "in" at the moment. Great crowd for excellent people watching and perhaps a fun restaurant bar but also a well dressed crowd. Picture women dressed in Chanel or Koors and not Juicy coture. Perhaps men in Hermes or even if no coat and tie, then dressed in fine clothes and not t-shirts and jeans. NO warm up suits, fanny packs or shorts. No casino buffet but rather an intimate place filled with interesting people. Picture a place where Fergie or Hugh Grant would go rather than Paris Hilton or the Trumps. Although they are snobs, they still like a lot of activity and people, so they would hate some heavily carpeted, fawning waiter-clad, whispery, romantic place. Food should be somewhat traditional but with imagination. Tourists are fine since it is Vegas after all but not the crowd at Circus Circus. Let's see if a few places would meet that criteria.

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  1. They sound pretty stuffy. I'd take them to Ellis Island for the $4.95 steak special to see if they can loosen up a bit.

    1. Seriously if they are that snobby who would enjoy a dinner with them? However, if you are trying to impress snobby people go with the highest rated restaurant in LV by Gayot the Joël Robuchon at The Mansion in the MGM Grand. Snobby stuffy people are usually impressed by ratings.

      1. Lutece at the Venetian, if they never went to the New York version, is pure snoot with the reputation to match.
        My favorite restaurant in LV is still the original Andre's on Sixth St (not the hotel location), 702/385-5016.

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          personally I think that Andre's would fall into the 'heavily carpeted...whispery, romantic place' category, even though the waiters aren't exactly fawning..

        2. Tableau or Daniel Boulud Brasseria at The Wynn would fit your needs. Alize at The Palms. And a big second on Andre' of the best meals of my life.

          1. My pics:

            ALEX at The Wynn

            PRIME at The Bellagio

            CIRCO at The Bellagio

            All are perfect for what you seek (and all are amazing restaurants with great food and service)