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Eating at Din Ho tonight (Austin)

What do you like at Din Ho? The menu is enormous and I haven't been there in a while. A little advice to help focus would be appreciated.


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  1. Where to start:
    Start with the BBQ Pork-it's superb.
    Sizzling scallops
    Wilted Water Spinach
    Dungeness Crab in Ginger Sauce
    Roast Duck
    Marinated Chicken
    It's all good!!!

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      Howdy, Frank.

      By roast duck do you mean the Peking roast duck? They make the best Peking duck in Austin. It's big enough for two people to eat with nothing else, but better if you can split it with three or more people.

    2. Love the Beef flat noodle with satay sauce. This is one of the best chow fun dishes I've had anywhere (definitely in all of Texas and beats most of the places in Los Angeles).

      1. Kent,
        I was going to say Peking Duck, but I was not positive that that's what is hanging up near the door when you walk in. The are awesome!

        1. I know I'm a day late, but I always get the mixed roast platter (pork, chicke and duck) and for sure the chinese broccoli and the snow pea greens. It runs about $15 per person and is an incredible value, along with being incredibly delicious.

          1. Even with the weather as hot as it is, the sweet and sour soup is excellent. Last time we went, we tried the Chinese vegetable as a side. Our waiter wasn't sure what the American translation is, but I think it's most like bok choy. The Chinese brocoli is a little bitter for my taste, so this was a good find to offset the richness of the duck/pork dishes. If you like crab, their tank beats just about anybody in town.

            1. Din Ho has great food, but they need nicer people!!

              1. I just ate there tonight with 3 other people. We all split the "4 person combination", which included BBQ duck, pork and chicken, plus beef and broccoli, salted fried pork chops, pho, and a fish hot pot. Man oh man, what a lot of food! All of it was delicious, but surprisingly we all liked the hot pot the best.

                I've read reviews of this place on Citysearch and other similar sites and almost everyone complained about the service. I didn't think anyone there was rude or unfriendly per se, but once our waiter brought the food out, we never saw him again for the entire hour we were there....never a refill on water.. nothing. Then we had to get up from our table and hunt him down to get the check. Oh well, the food made up for it.

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                  Having been to Din Ho several times in the past few weeks, I have noticed (correct me if I'm wrong) a few things: It is less crowded, much cleaner, the wait is shorter and service seems to have somewhat improved. And there are less hangers-on lounging in the vicinity of the cashier station. The food is still wonderful.

                  I would like to think that they are making a concerted effort to improve (late, but hopefully not fatally so), but suspect that these welcome changes are a function of Din Ho's lessened popularity in the face of increased competion.

                2. Din Ho is far and away the best Chinese food in Austin. i ate there at least once a week for almost 4 years and never had a bad dish and there aren't many places that can boast of the same record. BBQ pork is incredible. beef flat noodles the same, spinach, hot and sour soup etc etc etc...

                  go for the food, not the service....

                  1. Went to Din Ho tonight for take out. Darling young girl with very precise English took my order. She was very friendly and helpful. The guy cutting the meat was very nice too, came over and gave another takeout customer's kid a cookie when he heard her ask for one. I'd heard of the flat noodle with beef in satay sauce, it was good. A little bit smoky sauce, has to be from the oil, some peppers. Fair amount of beef. Real comfort food. Really liked it. My friend has told me they liked the shrimp wonton soup (he said wonton) What I ordered had dumplings, little shu mai (eek sp) pork and shrimp dumplings with a broth reminisent of pho. Again very good. Got an order of bbq pork (6.75 for a pound, the least they serve) I was expecting the red anise flavored stuff I know as bbq pork and think I saw there (?) but got pieces of pork and crispy skin with a little thing of brown sauce on the side. I'd had pork like this (with little beans a really cool dish) at dim sum at Marco Polo. It was good, just not sure what all was up. The ducks and chickens hanging there really looked good. A ton of food for like 18.00. It was my second visit, we'd been at lunch and got a combo that was good but didn't really get me going. This did. Will go back soon and try more of the menu.