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Aug 17, 2006 08:16 PM

Eating at Din Ho tonight (Austin)

What do you like at Din Ho? The menu is enormous and I haven't been there in a while. A little advice to help focus would be appreciated.


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  1. Where to start:
    Start with the BBQ Pork-it's superb.
    Sizzling scallops
    Wilted Water Spinach
    Dungeness Crab in Ginger Sauce
    Roast Duck
    Marinated Chicken
    It's all good!!!

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    1. re: Franktex

      Howdy, Frank.

      By roast duck do you mean the Peking roast duck? They make the best Peking duck in Austin. It's big enough for two people to eat with nothing else, but better if you can split it with three or more people.

    2. Love the Beef flat noodle with satay sauce. This is one of the best chow fun dishes I've had anywhere (definitely in all of Texas and beats most of the places in Los Angeles).

      1. Kent,
        I was going to say Peking Duck, but I was not positive that that's what is hanging up near the door when you walk in. The are awesome!

        1. I know I'm a day late, but I always get the mixed roast platter (pork, chicke and duck) and for sure the chinese broccoli and the snow pea greens. It runs about $15 per person and is an incredible value, along with being incredibly delicious.

          1. Even with the weather as hot as it is, the sweet and sour soup is excellent. Last time we went, we tried the Chinese vegetable as a side. Our waiter wasn't sure what the American translation is, but I think it's most like bok choy. The Chinese brocoli is a little bitter for my taste, so this was a good find to offset the richness of the duck/pork dishes. If you like crab, their tank beats just about anybody in town.