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Aug 17, 2006 08:06 PM

Another Friday Night Question - MSP

Okay.... Looking for a little brainstorming on a date night for Friday. Work in MPLS and live in Saint paul so either of those works well (not uptown etc)

Its a date night so we are thinking no kids menus and a good solid wine list. Maybe a bar scene for a little people watching - but no real requirements.... Not afraid to drop a little cash if its worth it.

Thoughts???? Why when I'm going to make reservations all the places that I've said to myself "next time I'm going there!" disappear from my mind?



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  1. 112 Eatery! At least, that's what I always say to myself, "Next time I'll try..." Or, Cue. :)

    I haven't been to either. But I want to.


    1. hmmmm Maybe Cue - 112 we went to and it was good, but a little over hyped.... Off to check out cue online.....

      keep em coming people!!!


      1. Cosmos [Decent bar scene.]
        La Belle Vie [Either the restaurant or the bar.]

        1. Okay - had a table at Auriga (never been & I used to live in mpls) and switched to Cue. Menu looked like a few more options.

          Just went to Vincent 2 weeks ago - food was excellent - room was a little old & dull people watching wise....

          LBV - went there not that long ago - need to wait for a season change b4 I go back.

          Lucia, Cosmos on my "next time" list right now. Thanks

          Spoonriver - wasn't even on my radar - Thanks x2!

          Do you guys use opentable at all??? - there are so many for MPLS on there and like 12 for st paul......

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          1. re: St Paul Susie

            I've never had much luck with Open Table. I've found that they typically don't have many slots at the "prime" times (which we generally need in order to get babysitters). Often when I've called a restaurant where Open Table says there are no reservations, I'm still able to get one on the phone.

            (I don't know for certain, but I've always assumed that Open Table gets a fixed allocation of reservations ahead of time and doesn't have "live" reservation info for the restaurants. Perhaps restaurants release more slots to Open Table as dates get closer, but we typically want the certainty of a reservation if we're hiring a babysitter.)

            I guess the point of this reply is this: call the restaurant to see if you can get a reservation for the time you want even if Open Table says there are no openings.

          2. Ever try Heartland? They have wonderful food and a solid wine list. There is an attached bar. A little off the beaten path.

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            1. re: Atticus Fresh

              I'd be interested in hearing about recent Heartland experiences. I've held off recommending it until I hear how things are going now that Lenny Russo is not there on a daily basis.