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Aug 17, 2006 07:57 PM

ISO good eats near Trader Vic? (Bev. Hills)

After much anticipation, heading to Trader Vic's tomorrow night for their infamous tiki drinks. Grub seems to be a bit on the pricey end there, so wondering if there's cheaper, better food in that area -- bonus points if it's within walking distance (the only one I can tell is Century City's Breadbar.)

Also any recommendations of good drinks @ the Trader also appreciated (I'm the driver, so relegated to only 1, maybe 2 :( ).

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  1. Not walking distance but a short drive for BETTER food.

    South Beverly Drive off of Wilshire Blvd.

    Most notable is Mako - at 225 south Beverly Drive. Asian Fusion. the BF and I love this place. Also the food may go better with you pre dinner imbibing of mai-tais and lush tropical drinks.

    Across the street from Mako:

    Frida for Mexican Fusion.

    Go past the Gregory intersection on the east side of the

    Sushi-Sushi - VERY SMALL but good sushi place.

    also if price is an issue - check out the new eateries and food court dining at the Century City Mall. Try the Coral Tree Cafe.

    North of Wilshire in Bev Hills:

    Enoteca Drago,
    Mastros for Steak

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      CooL! Personally been to Coral Tree but may be a bit far off from Vic's (and most of us are coming from San Gabriel Valley, so not sure if they wanna drive any more West than necessary) -- Mako sounds promising, but friends just had Pho tonight so not sure how they feel about more Asian-y dishes (though I agree it matches tropical drinks much better). Spago's and Mastros definitely sounds out of the price range, and Enoteca borderline--guess I'll have to be persuasive (I've always watned to try Drago).

      Thanks for the tips, nonetheless!

    2. A lot of the BH places might be out of your price range. Have you considered Houston's at the mall?

      1. Harpers and Gulfstream are also at Century City Mall. And right down the block from the mall is Wokcano (

        1. Houston's is a good choice, but be prepared to wait quite a bit. The many places on South Beverly Drive that have been mentioned are good choices, though price wise they are not inexpensive. You might try Zen Grill on Olympic just west of Doheny, which is only about a 5 to 10 minute drive from Trader Vics depending on traffic. (The exit from Trader Vics onto Santa Monica can be tricky at least as far as going anywhere other than west.) Zen Grill is kind of a mixed bag of Asian cuisine, some sushi, some chinese, and generally very well prepared if not outstanding. The room is pleasant, even though a bit crowded. In the same area (about a block or two west of Zen Grill) is Cafe Talesai which is very good, if a little fancy Thai, though the prices are higher than Zen Grill (and fairly close to those of Mako -- which has better food IMHO). Since these places are on Olympic, it's pretty easy to catch the SM freeway Eastbound by heading down to Robertson or even La Cienga after dinner.

          As for drinks at Trader Vics, the Mai Tais are great, but you can really make them yourself at home by just getting the Trader Vic's Mai Tai mix and adding some rum and lime. (They use the mix at Trader Vics, so you're not getting anything special there, good as they are.) Go for one of their unique specials found nowhere else -- Gun Club Punch, Shingle Stain, or Port or Starboard Light. The Potted Parrot is good too. (Hmmm...I may be spending too much time there.) Enjoy!

          1. El Torito near the Bev Wilshire is surprisingly good and not expensive. IMO, the grub at TV's is not only expensive but not very good, so a wise choice to eat elsewhere.