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Aug 17, 2006 07:43 PM

Union Station area, maybe Dimsum?

Need lunch suggestions (dimsum?) near Union Station. Picking up out of towners.

- Sat 1:45PM (possibly 12:30PM, earlier train)
- 3 adults, 1 boy

Will the wait be too long for dimsum? Good dimsum dishes running out?

Thinking of Ocean Seafood or CBS (?), maybe Traxx, but eagerly awating your words of wisdom. Never eaten at any of them.


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    1. I'd go with CBS. 12:30's cutting it a little late for dim sum; I'm not sure how late CBS runs theirs, but the 1:45 train puts you in the restaurant at 2, and that's REALLY late for dim sum; some places stop completely at 2.

      r gould-saltman

      1. Ocean Seafood is the place to go. 12:30 is by no means late for dim sum (in the U.S.), but 2pm is a bit late, call to see when they stop serving.

        Other options are Phillipe's and Olvera Street.