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Aug 17, 2006 07:33 PM

Staten Island Bagels

Looking for the real deal.


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  1. I can't vouch for it myself, but I can pass along a tip I was given a while back: Heartland Bagels, 2311 Richmond Ave., near the mall. If you go, report back.

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    1. re: Chris E

      Recently, I've been pleasantly surprised by the bagels for sale in the bakery dept. of the Key Foods on Forest Ave. at Bard. Texture is dense (though a bit dry), surface glossy, not too large or puffy. I don't know where they get them. Not the holy grail by any means, but so far not bad at all, and not too far away from where I live.

    2. I have yet to find "real deal" bagels out here.
      The ones at the bagel place on New Dorp Plaza,
      on the corner a few stores down from Andrew's Bakery,
      are pretty good. I think it may be called Plaza Bagels.
      For the real deal, you have to go to a bagel/bialy place
      in Brooklyn.

      1. It really is hopeless, huh? Most of the Bagels I find out there are roll with holes... It's like living in Kansas.

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        1. re: Phantastic

          We like Bagels by the Bay. It's on Bay St. in Rosebank right next to Aesop's Tables. It's not Ess-a-Bagel, but they're not half bad.

          1. re: annaesm

            I guess I'm pollyanna-ish, but the factory bagels (NY factory, not Sara Lee or Lenders) we get at the corner deli are better than most of the bagel-specific places in SI (Stapleton Country Store). Just my opinion. I've come across a couple of good bagel shops, but can't remember the names. Whenever you see big, puffy, cakey ones, run away!

            1. re: comestible

              The bagel store on Guyon Ave across from Dunkin Donuts makes pretty decent bagels (At least their "everything" bagel is pretty good) Also acceptable are the bagels at Plaza bagels on New Dorp Plaza . Of course, if you slather enough veggie Cream cheese on any bagel, it will taste great

        2. My family found Bagels on the Bay, on Bay St., to be mediocre, with their walnut spread far too sweet and their bagels rather breadlike and not chewy.

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          1. re: kschnaa

            Bagels are, like Pizza: Very subjective. Some people love a big puffy bagel. Others, a smaller, more dense version. I have found that scooping out the inner dough and toasting pretty much any fresh bagel, makes it more than decent.
            The trick is to find a place that has a good customer turnover and actually makes them on site and doesn't have them delivered. I only like Veggie cream cheese and it was very tasty at the Guyon Ave Bagel shop, Plaza Bagels on New Dorp Plaza
            and the bagel store across from Staples on Hylan near Seaver.Ave.

          2. bagels by the bay on 1235 Bay st ....... are the best ,i customer thare for years thay baike tham every day fresh rite in the store it really tasty!! prices are very resonable

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            1. re: natali

              Since I live nearby, I'll get bagels from Bagels by the Bay, but if you're down near Tottenville some time, there's a bagel place on Arthur Kill Rd. in the same little shopping plaza as Garber's Building Supply. Can't remember the name. The local bike club stops there during its weekly rides (I'm a member so that's how I know about it). Not perfect bagels but better than most I've found on the Island, in my experience -- better texture, not so soft and bready.

              1. re: comestible

                Give Heartland Bagels a try. They are just like I used to get Saturday night after the movies in Fresh Meadows (and that was a very long time ago).