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Aug 17, 2006 07:32 PM

tenderloin bars with food

What bars serve food in the Tenderloin? I have found Olive...are there are any others like that? If it's just run of the mill bar food, that's OK, but I'd really like to find a place where I go for happy hour and some good apps.

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  1. Edinburgh Castle has fish and chips. Some people like them.

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    1. re: Neilo

      Yes! The bartender actually runs around the corner to Old Chelsea to get them for you.

    2. Olive is unique in the area being primarily a bar that has pretty good food. Most of the 'loin bars seem to just serve booze and attitude (I enjoy Whiskey Thieves on Geary for that). But I tell you , I stumbled on the best deal a couple weeks ago at the Bambuddah lounge (Larkin and Eddy): half price happy hour cocktails. They make top shelf tropical, summery drinks like the "guavapolitan" (cosmo with guava juice instead of cran), various rum and tequila cocktails AND you can sit outside in the chaise lounges near the pool and chill out with your 10.00 drink for only 5 bucks. The happy hour is from 5-8, I believe.
      I, however, haven't had the food at Bambuddah. Some of it looks good on paper, but I haven't hear many positive comments. I'd go there, get a couple happy drinks and then head across the street to Bodega Bistro for dinner. So, not exactly what you're asking for but a suggestion...

      Alternately, there's Le Colonial in the alley between Post and Taylor...more Tender-nob than loin. They have a new "street food" menu that is just for the upstairs bar area and pretty reasonable. Their drinks are like 8 bucks and I really liked the "banh mi" with pate and shrimp.

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        I'll second Olive. While it's been around a while, the food and drinks have remained pretty consistently good. I like the truffle/mushroom pizza. Most of their special drinks are too sweet for me, but they make the standards quite well, dirty martinis in particular.

        1. re: Chubby

          Have you chowed there? I went for a drink the first week they were opened but haven't been back to eat. Most of the reports I've read (here and yelp) have said that the food is "good but not remarkable" and pricey for the small portions.

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            I went once back in June (shortly after they opened) and I liked the crudo but wasn't wild about the chicken wing confit...


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            I can't find that on google...where is it?

          3. You may want to try FarmerBrown. Their Happy Hour is from 5 - 7 pm


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              i second farmer brown. it's got a fun, trendy, industrial vibe to it. the entrees are hit or miss, but you cannot pass up their excellent side dishes like cornbread stuffing and mashed sweet potatoe and plantain. the ginger rum punch was also a winner.

            2. i googled on snob on polk and gayot had extremely mixed reviews. anyone been?