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Aug 17, 2006 07:32 PM

Comfort Food to Cure a Cold in South Slope?

I've been home nursing a cold for several days now. I'm in need of some comfort food to kick this cold. Any suggestions in South Slope?

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  1. Eat spicy foods--they raise your core temperature, making an inhospitable environment for germies. Plus, they clear our your sinuses if it's a congenstion cold. Thai soup (from the place of your choosing) or indian food would be perfect.

    1. Have some Tom Yum Gai or just some good plain ol' chicken soup. Chicken is high in zinc and will help clear up that cold (when accompanied with something having vitamin C.).

      I guess what I'm saying is go Thai nearby.

      1. Laila & Olive Vine both make excellent lentil soup, and somewhat different from each other, so try both.

        1. Does Elios deliver to you? I love their avgolemeno when I'm under the weather.

          1. Tom Yum Gai is a good suggestion. But if you're up to it, I'd go to the Red Hook food stands this weekend and find the guy at the western end of the arcade with the cup-o-ceviche. It's really more like a gazpacho w/shrimp. Get him to load it up with lime and the hot sauce. You'll recuperate immediately and be out there on the soccer field with samba in your legs.