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Aug 17, 2006 07:24 PM

Saturday Breakfast - San Francisco

Headed to the Saturday Farmer's Market @ the Ferry Building - recommendations for an excellent San Francisco breakfast??

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  1. That's the place.

    - croissants from Della Fattoria with jam from June Taylor or Point Reyes Preserves
    - burger from Prather Ranch
    - tamales from Primavera
    - various goodies from Hayes Street Grill or Rose Pistola
    - pastries from Downtown Creamery, Noe Valley Bakery, or Frog Hollow
    - cheese from Andante and/or cold cuts from Fatted Calf with bread from Acme

    etc. etc. etc.

    1. Guess you're right. Was looking for a restaurant before the 8:00 am bell - maybe we'll graze the market instead.

      But if ya'll can recommend someplace great before the market's ready, don't hold back!

      1. Just last Saturday we had a buffalo burger from Prather Ranch (they have a beef AND a buffalo burger) as well as cornmeal pancakes with a britsh banger style pork sausage. Both the buffalo and sausage were REALLY flavorful and not greasy. Really yummy. The cornmeal pancakes came with a pat of butter and bourbon maple syrup. I'd have it again.

        I also like the egg breakfasts at Rose Pistola (had one scramble with chanterelles and fontina once that was great!)

        Acme Acme Acme bread!!!

        1. Yeah, the problem is that area is not early-rising on Saturday. I lived a few blocks from the market and most places open at 8 am ... and getting coffee before 7 am isn't even easy other than Starbucks.

          I moved a few years ago, and there might be something new in the area that is open. TownsEnd which was my breakfast joint of choice doesn't open till about 8:30, IIRC. Certainly not before 8.

          You might be the first one to try breakfast at Hotel Vitale. They open at 7:30 am and have a brunch later. The Embarcardero Hyatt never failed to underwhelm over the years in terms of breakfast.

          Actually it doesn't look too bad ... wild mushroom scramble ... Bay Bread pastries ... marscapone in various dishes.

          prosciutto / tomato conserva / hollandaise / Portuguese muffin

          wild mushrooms / cheese / shaved black truffles

          Oh wait ... we might have something here with the later brunch ... fried to order jam-filled donuts with creme fraiche

          They have something called Bakers Pie ... breakfast pizza?

          knoll farms green garlic / parmesan / arugula pesto / fava beans

          fontina / nopales / jalapeño / cilantro / lime / coarse sea salt

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          1. Breakfast burritos or huevos con chorizo at Orale Orale, on Sacramento Street just above the Hyatt (100 block). They open at 7 during the week, but not sure about saturday.

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            1. re: djh

              Orale Orale's open Monday-Friday 7am-8pm.

              And even if it were open, it would be a shame to fill up before going to the Ferry Plaza market.