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Aug 17, 2006 07:23 PM

HELP QUICK! need KOSHER cake in Hollywood today

Any suggestions?

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  1. closest would probably be schwartz bakery on beverly and detroit, the cakes there are not bad.

    eilat bakery on fairfax has good princess and mousse cakes.
    good luck!

    1. The bakery at Canter's or the one next door.

      Canter's Deli 419 N.Fairfax (323)651-2030

      1. I called but Canter's said they are not Kosher.....I think I will try Schwartz, thanks!

        1. A cake with a hekhsher? parve cake? Dairy cake? shomer shabbes bakery?

          Paradise bakery - check the kosher board and here is a link with the hekhsher granting body, some like one and not another

          is a useful link.

          1. Eilat or Shwartz's bakery on fairfax.
            Canter's is "kosher style", not kosher.