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Aug 17, 2006 07:22 PM

The Waterboy-Sacramento Review

I just spent a long time writing this review...and then suddenly lost it! I'll try again later. I can tell you that when I got up from the table there, I felt as if I'd just had the best sex ever! More later.

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  1. The Waterboy-Sacramento

    I met three other hounds there on Wednesday. It was our first meeting and it was so great to eat with people who appreciate really good food. We shared what we each ordered.

    The bread was very rustic and delicious. The ceasar salad with white spanish anchovies was wonderful. We all agreed it was the best ceasar we'd ever had. We ordered two for the table but our server, Ryan, split them four ways so we each had our own plate. I wanted to lick the plate when I was finished...but I held back.

    Sweetbreads-oh my. Perfectly browned, fork tender, with a hint of capers in the delicate sauce.

    Steak Tartar with pommes frites (almost chips)-perfectly hand-chopped and seasoned. We used the rosemary infused "chips" to scoop up this delicacy.

    The Niman Ranch hamburger was cooked to perfection, as requested, medium rare and was accompanied by big, fat fries. The grilled onions were the bomb, as were the heirloom tomatoes. Yummm.

    The polenta was fresh and seared golden brown..with sweet white corn kernals inside.

    We paired our meal with chardonay and I ordered a glass of pinot noir to accompany the sweetbreads and steak tartar. The wine list is amazing!

    The food and service was immpecable and the company delightful. It was a perfect day in Sacramento to eat outside. It cost us $135.00 (including wine) and we then left a 20% tip.

    We will try a German place in W. Sac next time!

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      Melly, have to echo your love of the sweetbreads, we took my 84 year old FIL there last fall who's an old school Italian (I can make it better for twice as many people at half the price), but he really enjoyed his meal. Even sweeter (pun intended) was the expression on his face and sarcastic comments when I ordered and proceeded to devour the 'breads. Priceless.

    2. I agree, it was a wonderful lunch with with great people. We'll do it again.


      1. Hey...melly..if you are going to West Sac, try Vientiane...OH MY...angel wings, coconut milk drinks and whole fish...AND green papaya salad...mmmmmmm

        1. I second Ventiane. It is amazing.

          1. Well alrighty then....Vientiane it is. Wanna go?

            I just googled it. Laotion and Thai. My only problem with that is I get very confused looking at the menu...then I have to admit to the server that I don't have a clue what to order or how to eat it when it arrives.

            Okay...I'll do it anyway! You have given me a few ideas about what to order.