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Aug 17, 2006 07:10 PM

San Diego Mexican in Oregon

Since this is Portland I'm willing to wager that plenty of us are California natives. This San Diego native is busting over the discovery of 2 San Diego institutions that have somehow landed in the area:
1) Fidel's - 3 locations: Solana Beach, CA, Carlsbad, CA, and Bingen, WA???? Right across from Hood River, this is just as good as the Fidel's in San Diego (opened by the guy's son). This was our family mexican place growing up. I can't recommend the tacos (hard) and chili rellenos enough.
2) Roberto's - anyone from San Diego should be tickled to know that there is a Roberto's in Salem and one in Bend. I've only been to the former, but I'd rate it as 85% of the San Diego chain. Same great rolled tacos (though cheese is not cotija) and the carne asada is tremendous. Tricky to find, but worth the trip.

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  1. Welcome to Oregon. I'm a San Diego native, living the past 6 years in Portland. In fact I just visited San Diego, and Robertos (of course!) last weekend.

    Where in Salem is the Robertos you mentioned?

    1. HELL YEAH! I just moved to PDX from San Diego and I miss Roberto's SO much! Have been to Fidel's a few times but I lived near El Cajon Blvd for the past 20 years. Thanks for posting this....I'll be checking out Roberto's on my next trip to Salem.

      If you're ever in Cornelius, check out Grande Foods on Adair. A Mexican supermercado just like you'd find in central San Diego.

      1. Actually, I've been here 8 years, but just recently found the Roberto's. The one in Salem is on Wallace Road, and given that I don't know Salem very well, I'll just give you a brief description.

        Get off 5-S on Salem Parkway, take it 3-4 miles into downtown Salem. When you get to downtown, stay right, and follow the signs to the Coast, you'll make a right and that will put you on a bridge. Stay right, and take the first exit, following the signs for Wallace Road, Dallas, 213, something like that. Go right on Wallace (North), and Roberto's will be on your right, about 2-3 blocks, 1/3 of mile or so. There is a 24 hour drive through!

        1. I've quite a few Roberto's meals in San Diego, but for my money, no taco shop in town can beat Adalberto's on Rosecranz in Pt. Loma. The best Carne Asada burrito I've ever eaten. Everything else is pretty good too.

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            Too funny. I grew up in Point Loma and know that Adalbertos all too well. The permutations of the Roberto's name in San Diego are endless. Yes, the Carne Asada at Adalbertos is great. Although Nico's in Ocean Beach (Newport Blvd) might have them beat.

          2. You guys might be amused to know that when I moved to San Diego in 1994, I asked a college friend who lived there where a good taco shop was. He looked at me like I was cracked and then said - "Anyplace that ends in -berto's!"