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Aug 17, 2006 07:04 PM

Lake Oswego ethnic

Ok, I know, contradiction in terms, but what the heck? There is not a single decent middle eastern/greek/vietnamese/japanese place in LO, and everyone eats out! I am completely jonesing for this stuff and it is my own fault for living/working in the area, but any ideas? Tualatin? Tigard? Aaaaaaaaah!

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  1. Hiro Sushi, at 6334 Meadows Rd, in a strip mall right off of I-5 has very good sushi. I have also heard of a supposedly good sushi restaurant on the main drag of Tigard, but I do not know its name.

    1. Lake O, Tigard, Tualatin? Are you afraid of Portland? Most of us have had our shots;)

      There's another thread on the NW Board with ExtraMSG's Latest Portland tip sheet - that's about as good of place as there is to start for ethnic eats in the greater Portland Metro area. He drives in from Vancouver.

      I think you'll be well rewarded for driving a little farther.

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      1. re: Calamityville

        I have no problem driving a bit further (and I do), I'm just amazed that will all the money and people who eat out in the area that there isn't a better ethnic selection. Example, San Diego, there is great Chinese, Greek, what have you in the burbs. Better food in the city, but still solid outside. With all the money in the area, I would just think someone would make something solid.

        Note: Fivespice tried, unfortunately, IMHO, that place is disappointing. Anyone else have a positive experience there?

        1. re: zippyzop

          You acknowledge in that first post that it's a contradiction. Money <> ethnic food.

          You could drive up 43 to John's Landing or Sellwood. There are a few options there (Cedars, Bai Tong, Taste of Asia, Wong's), though nothing ethnic (as in non-European/American) that really stands out. But it's closer than most other options.

          1. re: zippyzop

            well that is the thing about LO, sure there are many transplants, but LO is still like 'Stepford Wife Village', cute but vacant.

        2. That sushi joint on the main drag of Tigard is Maki Japanese Restaurant. Check the prior thread or click on following link. Solid.

          1. IMHO Szechuan Kitchen is the best chinese food in the entire Portland area and its in Lake O believe it or not. I really miss this restaurant. It's at 15450 Boones Ferry Road

            Florida Land

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            1. re: landguy

              Wow.. I pass that place every day. Would never have known. Have you been to Hunan Pearl? What is especially good at Szechuan Kitchen? Maybe I'll try for lunch.

              Also, tried to go to Maki for lunch yesterday... random, not open for lunch on Mondays. Oh well.

              1. re: zippyzop

                Definitely check it out and decide for yourself. I used to eat the orange chicken there on a regular basis. They also have a sizzling rice dish that is very good, I can't remember the name of it but it has chicken, beef and seafood in it as well. They also have awesome wonton and hot and sour soup. I have not eaten at Hunan Pearl sorry. We didn't actually live in Lake O, we lived in SW Portland but would drive to this restaurant specifically because we enjoyed their chinese food the most out of all the other chinese restaurants we tried out in Portland.

                1. re: zippyzop

                  I had been to both Szechuan Kitchen (for takeout) and Hunan Pearl (dined in) once, and they seemed comparable to me. But we hit SzK this weekend and I was a little disappointed. One of my benchmark dishes is Mongolian Beef (we actually got the Mongolian Three Flavors) which I believe should not have any noticable sauce to it, other than what's produced in the wok by the oil and the beef and onions, but their version had a sweet, slightly thickened sauce. More noticably, it had no Szechuan peppers in it at all and therefore lacked any heat. This is no excuse for them, but we did get there at 9:20 on a Saturday night, were the only customers there, and could definitely tell that they were eager to get us out the door and close.

                  By contrast, we got a spicy pork dish at Hunan Pearl that is probably one of the hottest Chinese dishes I've had in Portland. We'll be back there next time we're in the mood for "that kind" of Chinese food.

                2. re: landguy

                  FYI Szechuan Kitchen changed owners a few years ago. The previous owner was highly regarded, and the food was really very good. It's not quite as good, now, although it's still better than a lot of the Chinese restaurants around.

                  For Japanese near Lake O, you could try Mugi on Capital Highway. I've only been once, but it was pretty good.