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Aug 17, 2006 07:03 PM

Midland-Penetanguishene and environs

Any good road food out this way?

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  1. I've heard OK things about "The Library"

    Can't say it's really true or not though...

    1. Henry's Fish House! It's an institution in the area, there's one at a marina so you don't have to go out to the one on Sans Souci.

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      1. re: Corrie

        Thanks -- we tried Henry's at the Marina. Nice but not extraordinary battered pickerel, frozen chips, better than average coleslaw, but way way too expensive for fish and chips. $35 for lunch for two, and all we had to drink was iced tea. Still, we were full enough after a 2:00 lunch that we had no room for dinner!

      2. I have family up in that area, so I am up there several times a year. Things used to be quite grim food-wise, for Midland / Penetang, but in the past few years it has picked up.

        For casual dining, there's Scully's Crab Shack, which has the menu (American / Seafood / Southern) and atmosphere (Family / Casual) that you might expect from the name, but the quality of food exceeds expectations. That building has housed about 5 different businesses in the last 12 years, but this ownership seems to be doing a really nice job. Scully's is located by the water at the foot of the main street in Midland.

        For slightly more upscale dining, "The Library" is a gem. They're open for lunch, but it's the dinner menu that's really impressive. The chef owner spent some time at Centro and Mildred Pierce and you can tell. More spice and interesting flavours than you might expect from this part of the province. It's definitely worth a trip.

        Link to sample Library menu:

        1. I'm actually heading up that way next weekend. Can anyone direct me to a farmer's market, or somewhere to buy local produce?

          1. The World Famous Dock Lunch!!! At the town dock in Penetanguishene. I grew up spending summers in the area and you can't go wrong with their burgers, fries... and definitely go for the deep fried mushrooms.

            Not a healthy option - but an absolute institution. Enjoy!

            Oh - and on hwy 93 in a strip mall near McD's, (just past hwy 12) there is a Panzerotto Pizza that deep fries panzarottos. Perhaps this is their standard method all over, but I've only ever had it there.

            Saturday early AM there is a farmer's market in the parking lot of the IGA in Pen. There's a woman there who sells the best Tortiere pies.

            Finally, Dairy Queen in Midland is delightfully retro - exactly as it was in the 70's unless things have changed over the past year...

            Oh wait - there was a place called Riv Bistro on Main St in Midland that had some decent bistro fare.

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            1. re: shiro miso

              An update on the Dock Lunch...

              Was there on the weekend and it was packed. BUT, the burger just wasn't the same! Fries weren't even salted... perhaps they are going through some early season staff learning curves, but the burger bun seemed a bit dry, and the burger itself lacked flavour.