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Aug 17, 2006 07:00 PM

La Huasteca (Lynwood vs. Pasadena)

Last month, I checked out La Huasteca, which now has a second location in Pasadena and while I thought the restaurant was very pretty, I wasn't that wowed by their food. See link below:

I've been reading off and on about how great the original La Huasteca is in Lynwood, so I was really looking forward my meal. I was just wondering if anyone has been to both locations and if so, was there a marked differenct at all in flavor, quality, etc.?


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  1. We had Christmas Dinner at the Pasadena location just last Friday. We had the Ceviche Veracruzano and Quesadilla for starters. The Ceviche was terrible, I had a problem with the seafood tasting old-not fresh at all. I had two bites and was done with it. Quesadilla was okay but how challenging is that?

    For the main course we had the Filete de Pescado al Perejil and Puerco en Pipian en Verde. The Filete de Pescado was overcooked and the rice was made with way too much butter. About half way through the plate I was already full. The fish lacked flavor and was so dry and overcooked that it was a task just trying to finish eating one piece of it. As for the Puerco en Pipian en Verde-my complaint was that the pork was not marinated long enough but was cooked decently and was very moist.

    Dessert was probably the best meal of the night. We had two of them since the portions were rather small. We had Flan de Coco, and the Crepes. Both were rather good. The flan had good flavor with just enough egginess combined with the caramel to make you want to eat more of it. Although, it was not as soft as some of the traditional flans you taste elsewhere. The crepes were good. Again the portions here are really small, almost pocket size and for me the crepes were a little tight and thick. So, don't be expecting IHOP size Crepes here. If you order this dish be sure to order another plate of dessert if you really like sweets.

    The highlight of the night was the coffee. You must have the Mexican Coffee! I really enjoyed that cup. The server was explaining to me how they roast the coffee beans and then boiling them before actually making the coffee in small batches. So, be sure to ask them how they do it if you should eat there and ending up enjoying the coffee as much as I did.