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Aug 17, 2006 06:41 PM

Train Stops for Eating?

Wanted to take our 2 squirts on a train ride this weekend (from Fullerton). Any ideas what stops (south to north) would yield eating/fun opportunities? TIA--any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Union Station in downtown LA is across the street from the historic Olvera Street market and a couple blocks from Phillippe's the Original. Don't know if you wanna travel that far with the kids, though?

    If you go south, the train station at San Juan Capistrano is right next to Ramos House Cafe. A touch spendy, but a beautiful place with a great feel & really good food. Sarducci's is right there too, but the food was just meh. Many other restaurants and points of interest right by the SJC station.

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      Second the Ramos House suggestion; very kid friendly and tasty. Bruch is fairly reasonable. Then walk over to the mission.

    2. It less than 30 minutes to Downtown Disney....Fun without having to go into the park. I'm sure there's transport to/from the station too.

      Depending the age of your tykes, you can also go to downtown Riverside and tour the beautiful and strange Mission Inn. The adjacent street is full of eateries, habidasheries and a museum.

      1. You can take the train to Union Station and then jump the Metro Gold Line to the Pasadena area, as a couple of the stops are very near Old Town with scores of places.

        Or, you could take the Red Line to Hollywood/Highland with tons of places in the mall right as you exit the station. One more stop up on the Red Line is Universal Studios, and a walk up the hill will land you at City Walk.

        1. Traxx at Union Station has some pretty good stuff... though food items may not be kid friendly.

          1. Why not cruise up to Santa Barbara. Train stop is right on State Street with tons of eateries, shopping and the beach super close by.