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Aug 17, 2006 06:35 PM

take away dinner east side.........recs?

we are staying in a hotel downtown while our house is being exterminated. i would like to surprise my husband with something special. any recs for a deli or gourmet grocery store for a fun picnic in our hotel room instead of room service?


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  1. You could stop by the Cheese Store of Silver Lake and pick up some lovely wine and cheese and other nibbles.
    But if I was downtown I would probably just get sushi to go at Sushi Gen and pick up a bottle of sake and some fun Japanese desserts, or get Chinese takeout from Full House Seafood. Or you could pick up a nice bottle of wine and have Pit Fire Pizza deliver to your room.

    1. If you're looking for a City Bakery or a Dean & Deluca, I fear you're out of luck in downtown LA. That said, two places come to mind:

      Langer's (two subway stops west of downtown, at the Macarthur Park exit of the redline, ) closes at 4, or so, I think, but if you pick it up a couple of pastrami sandwiches then, they should keep until dinner. Before eating at Langer's, I would not have believed that pastrami could taste that good.

      The subs at the Eastside Market/Deli ( ) are pretty good too. I like the eggplant parm, and the meatball and Italian sausage. Again, check when they close, because it might be on the early side.

      1. I have had good luck with the sandwiches at Mendocino Farms. They are in the Water Court in Downtown LA.