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One or several things made really good that you want to spread the word about?

Do you go to a certain food joint/restaurant for particular things that you really enjoy and yet they never seem to be that busy? For example, and I may get hounded for this, but I really enjoy Zing at Bloor and Yonge. I think they have great szechuan green beans and I enjoy their soups. They don't seem as busy as they should be to me and they had another location at one time at Yonge and Eglinton that didn't make it.

I also love the pad thai at Nachos on King, east of Yonge (used to be Thai Thai Cafe), but could do without most of what else is on the menu. Their pad thai rates as one of the best I've ever had though and it has been consistent for years.

Do you know of places that make one or several things really good (they don't have to excel at everything) that you feel you should spread the word about?

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  1. Weezie's. I love their tartare. I frequently have it for lunch since they're around the corner from my work/office. Their burger and fries kick ass too. Actually, I've been very pleased with everything they have. It's never really been that busy, but that may change since they were favourably reviewed in NOW this week.

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      Thanks for the burger & fries rec. They do, in fact, kick ass. Now I'll never have to experience nostalgia about Mr Tasty when it was owned by Greeks and good ever again. I have a place near home that serves it up right in a warm, inviting room with a good glass of wine to boot.

    2. The Ghali Kitchen, on Greenwood at Queen -- it's chowzariffic! Their pizzas are really different, and the Rasta Pasta is great.

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        The food has seriously gone downhill the past few years but I still love the Manhattan Capon wings at Allen's on the Danforth. Thick tangy sticky brown sauce and for dipping, sour cream with chunks of blue cheese instead of the standard grey gummy blue cheese salad dressing.

        And, at Southern Accent on Markham: a couple of bourbon sours and a big plate of spicy calamari with an almost tamarindy hot sauce. Yum.

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          My last order from them was so disappointing after previous swooning and rushing to the kitchen to try to duplicate the chicken/coconut rasta pasta. Pizza crust was stale or something, and the pasta - instead of the perfect big chewy ribbed rings it was ordinary penne, way overcooked. That was about a month ago, please tell me you've ordered since and it was as wonderful as always?

        2. Ali's on Queen West does a lot of things well, but I was back there recently and had some of their amazing fried plantains and was reminded of why I think they have amazing fried plantains. Truly spectacular.

          1. Calamari, at the Bishop and the Belcher

            Curry fishballs, from the little old lady inside chinatown center

            Hamburger, Bellwoods Bar and Grill


            1. You MUST visit cabbage town to the neighborhood pub House On Parliament and have their pulled pork sandwich. BEST tangy sauce on amazing crusty bread with the best home made fries ever.

              1. Hungryabbey, I'll have to try the sandwich. I like the House on Parliament. We've ended up there a couple of times for a late lunch or whatever on a Sunday, and the food has been pretty good for pub style food. I've never been inside the place, just ate on their sidewalk patio area.

                1. Shrimp dumpling soup at Swatow on Spadina. One of the few things I need to have on a very regular basis.

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                    Adding yet another vote for the shrimp dumpling soup at Swatow. And the stir fried pea shoots with garlic sauce. And just about any of the noodle dishes. Yummmmm. But pescaterian asked about places that are good for one or two dishes though they're never that busy - in my limited but quickly growing experience, Swatow is good for many dishes and always busy (even at 2am!!). I think I'm having another craving...

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                      Uh oh, sorry, missed that qualification... I'll throw in the gnocchi at Noce on Queen West then. This is all just making me hungry too. I'm going to have to try Ten Feet Tall - that's new to me as well!

                  2. And the shrimp with lobster sauce on rice at swatow. Across the street at Szechuan Chung King - really good hot and sour soup, szechuan shredded beef and orange chicken (can be had with white meat, my pref)

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                      The first time I had the crispy shredded beef at Chung King on Spadina about 2 years ago, it was amazing and memorable. I kept trying to find its equivalent everywhere else I went out of town...however, the past two times I ordered this dish at Chung King (in the past year), it was AWFUL! Overcooked, dry, and uninspiring. Best avoided. If you know of any other place that makes crispy fried beef that is cooked perfectly, please let us know.

                    2. Have to totally agree with dal about the shrimp dumpling soup at Swatow. So awesome and delicious, anytime of the day! Also, I have to recommend the sweet potato frites at Ten Feet Tall. You have a choice of dipping sauces and I've never had an order that didn't disappoint!

                      This one's hit and miss (mostly hit though), but I absolutely love the Insalata Mista at Gerrard Pizza on the Danforth @ Coxwell (nowhere near Gerrard!).

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                        I'm not familiar with Ten Feet Tall, but I love me some Sweet Potato Frites. Do they do anything else worthy of a visit? Where are they? What kind of resto is it?

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                          Hi Jacquilynne. Ten Feet Tall is located at 1381 Danforth Avenue (on the corner of Gillard Ave.) My hubby really likes the Chicken Curry. The Beef Tenderloin was alright. (but if you like your meat medium-rare, make sure to emphasize that!) The next time I go, I think I'll try the Ravioli. Regarding the dips (for the yam fries), we really like the Garlic Pesto and the Green Onion Aioli. The Creamy Piri-Piri and Jalapeno Mayo are not bad either.


                      2. Samosas at Kwality Sweets on Steeles near Airport Rd.--the antithesis of the leaden, greasy, soggy blobs sold almost everywhere else.

                        1. The two for one lobster deal at La Wai Heen. The last time I went with a friend, we ordered the lobster, rice and a few veggies. The veggies were not good at all but the lobster was the best. I would go there just for the lobster but won't try anything else.

                          The coconut shrimp at gin & tonics are really good at Louisiana's (Brampton).

                          1. Butter chicken roti or Chicken Vindaloo at Gandhi Cuisine on Queen at Bathurst. I love it crazy spicy, and they deliver!

                            Emerald curry and spring rolls at Vanipha Lanna on St. Clair West. Hands down, best Thai and Laotian food in Toronto - flies totally under the radar! The curry is perfectly spiced, and comes with a ton of different vegetables in it: shitake and oyster mushrooms, eggplant, beans, peas, peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, baby corn, with fresh basil and kaffir lime leaf. Make sure you try the sticky rice too.

                            Brown sugar and cinnamon croissants at Clafouti on Queen West.

                            Olive bread at Loblaws - seriously! Has green, black and kalamata olives in it. Amazing with tuna salad or as a side of a ploughman's lunch.

                            For a cheat, the tricolore sauce at the fresh pasta seller in the south market of the St. Lawrence Market. It contains their homemade pesto, alfredo and spicy (or non - you specify) fresh tomato sauce. Incredible as a quick meal with fresh pasta.

                            The chipotle caramel corn at Cava. I wonder if they do take-out??

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                              The pasta seller at St Lawrence also has the best fresh pizza dough. $2.50 a ball.

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                                Do you mean Pasta Mia in the south market basement southeast corner?

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                                  The one I mean and I think AmandaEd means is St. Lawrence Ice Cream & Pizza. It's in the SW corner upstairs. Excellent fresh pasta too.

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                                    Yes - that's the name. They're fantastic! And their mushroom and bacon pizza slices with a bit of pesto and hot pepper flakes are a super lunch or snack!

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                                      Thanks you two, I'll try it. To return the favour, if you like Espresso do go to Pasta Mia & get it in a real china cup. It's terrific.

                              2. Fondue at Misto (Bathurst/Dupont). Actually, everything is great & it's not usually busy. The cheese fondue with kirsh is so-o-o yummy

                                1. Lentil soup at Esther, Queen of Soups in the Cumberland Terrace at Yonge and Bloor. Best in the city. And a giant bowl for less than $6.

                                  1. alegre on north avenue rd south of 401, excellent value

                                    1. Some of my favourites:
                                      Spaghettini alla Siciliana (Spaghettini in a squid ink sauce) @ Joso's.
                                      Risotti @ Romagna Mia.
                                      Lobster Pot Pie @ Far Niente
                                      Port and Cheese plate @ Ultra Supper Club
                                      Butter Chicken @ Lahore Tikka House
                                      Hot and Sour Soup @ Szechuan Szechuan
                                      Xiaolong Bao and pan-fried dumplings @ Ding Tai Fong
                                      Bouillabaisse @ Le Select (the old one, haven't been to the new one, yet).
                                      Omakase @ Omi Sushi
                                      Pork Gyros @ Alexandros Take-Out
                                      Margherita Pizza @ Massimo's

                                      1. Waffle with fresh fruit and sweetened ricotta - served with maple syrup - at Bar Italia's week-end brunch. The place is near empty for brunch - this dish is worth the trip (though cappuccinos and other dishes are good too) - bonus points if the sun is shining and you snag one of the front patio tables.

                                        1. D&D Trini food on Gerrard East has terrific doubles (best in city, just as good as Drupati's).

                                          Fresh honeydew juice ($5) at Banu on Queen West (also made me a honeydew bellini with prosecco for $10). The complimentary fresh pistachios are tasty, too.

                                          Chevap at former Bosnian Cafe on Dundas just east of Runnymede on south side.

                                          1. Goat roti at Jamaica Jamaica on St. Clair just east of Runnymede on south side. Yum.

                                            Caragiorgio (at hot counter) and the frozen burek (better than the one at the hot counter but I like the ready-made burek, too) at Stari Grad on Dundas near Kipling. Caragiorgio looks like a pogo without the stick - it's a schnitzel filled with meat and soft, fresh cheese. Delicious.

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                                              thanks for the recco, I drive buy this place all the time but hesitated to go in because it looks a little sketchy. Anything else worth trying?

                                            2. Chili chicken at China Palace on Hwy 7 in Woodbridge. I eat this at least once a week :)

                                              1. Wonton noodle soup at House of Goumet, Dundas near Spadina. Hot and sour soup, Spadina Garden, Dundas and Bay. Hot veal sandwich, San Francesco, Clinton south of College. Churrasco chicken with the hot sauce, College near Crawford. St Urbain bagels or cream cheese horseshoes, St Lawrence Mark or at My Bakery, Kensington Market. Pho with rare beef, brisket and book tripe, Pho 88, Spadina south of Dundas. Hush puppies, blackened chicken livers, piquant shrimp and a margarita at Southern Accent, Markham Street, south of Bloor. Char Cheung soup, Swatow, Spadina north of Dundas. Coconut shrimp, Happy hour at Whistling Oyster, Duncan north of King. Roti with your choice of filling (I like boneless chicken, eggplant and squash) Coconut Grove, Dundas near Chestnut. Pizza at Terroni. I'll stop now.

                                                1. A conversation with my hubby reminded me of the Sweet and Sour pork @ Roy's Garden (a Chinese take out place in Roy's Square - s/e corner Yonge & Bloor). THE best sweet & sour pork I've ever had. Their other food is pretty good too. However, I understand that all of Roy's Square will be shut down for construction of some sort (condo? a bigger brand store?).

                                                  If anyone knows if the people at Roy's Garden will be opening up at another location, I'd love to hear where!