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Aug 17, 2006 05:43 PM

Breakfast choices in Philly

I'm in Philly for a few days in early September. I plan to have breakfast at Mixto a couple of times. Any place else in Center City
that serves a good quality breakfast. I would prefer not to go to hotels.

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  1. Sabrina's and Morning Glory in Bella Vista area are both good, very popular as you are probably going to have to wait to be seated, but they are worth it. Also, for a light breakfast, Bonte on 17th serves good Belgian style waffles, it's more of a coffee house, not a waitress and menu kind of place. They have good coffee and good waffles though, so if you're walking around the city check them out.

    1. Is Rouge on Rittenhouse Square still open? If so, we had a lovely breakfast there and a pretty view of the park.

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        yes, Rouge is very much alive and well thank you. Had brunch there last Sunday. Food was excellent as usual, but the Bloody Mary was a big rip off. They claim they use Absolut vodka and jack up the price unmercifully. Frankly, I couldn't tell what vodka they used with all the other stuff they put in it. I'll go back for the food but stick to coffee and water for drinks.

        1. re: Rondo

          Glad to hear it was as good as I recalled. We were there in early Fall and it was great time to be around the park.
          Interesting about the drinks, though. We didn't have any when we went.
          Did you stay in Philly to eat dinner? Would love to know where, if you did.

      2. We go to the Dutch Eating Place at Reading Terminal Market regularly. They have great pancakes and scrapple, but they are only open Wednesdays through Saturdays. The food is always served fast, and then you can grab a soft pretzel at Fisher's for dessert (ha!).

        Morning Glory's great too but there is usually a wait to be seated and then another wait because they only only seem to cook one order up at a time. Not to knock the food (great french toast, scrapple, and homemade ketchup even), but unless you have all morning to eat, it can be a bit frustrating.

        1. I would suggest taking a cab to Honey's Sit & Eat in Northern Liberties. They have a wide-ranging menu, especially focusing on Jewish home-style cooking, but also Texas/southern specialities. Odd, but it works. Plus they really try to integrate plenty of local produce and meats, etc.

          If you are dining along, you can almost always get a quick seat at the counter.