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Aug 17, 2006 05:43 PM

Kiriko or Sushi Gen - special dinner for parents TOMORROW night!

Hi everyone,

I'm taking my parents out tomorrow night for a special celebration. I've been saving up, so money shouldn't be a huge issue but I can't take them to Urasawa. I'm oscillating between Kiriko, which I've heard great things about, and Sushi Gen - where I've only been once (but had great sushi). I would like to go omakase (since I never have, and this is a special occasion), but I'd like some advice. Has anyone been to both places and can help me out?

This would be for four - my parents, my boyfriend, and me. Thanks very much for your help.

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  1. Kiriko.
    So much more special and impressive.
    ESPECIALLY when it comes to omakase.

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    1. re: jcwla

      Definitely let them know the day before you want to do an omakase though.

      1. re: BabyLitigator

        The sushi was very good at Kiriko but my one disappointment was that a few of the items were already cut before we ordered the omakase. Maybe it is better to not tell them that you are ordering the omakase...

        Sushi Gen is a gem of an option in Los Angeles and they have the best ankimo in town.

    2. Agreed with kiriko -- Sushi Gen's atmosphere is much more casual (maybe relaxed business). However, if your parents are anything like mine and are much more comfortable with the casual vibe, then SG should be considered.

      1. If you're just looking for super fresh fish Sushi Gen is a good place to go. For the ambience, Sushi Gen is nothing really "special" that you may be looking for. Also, since you're going on a Friday be prepared to wait a long time if you don't go early.

          1. Not to make things more complicated, because I know you asked between Sushi Gen and Kiriko, but what about Irori? I think out of the three, they have a very inventive and fresh omakase and the setting is a bit more 'special' because you sit on the floor and your feet dangle in a hole. I do like sushi gen a lot for the fresh fish and omakase at the sushi bar. I haven't had omakase at Kiriko, but the I've been there before and I wasn't as impressed with their sushi as other chowhounder's were. Maybe you have to go omakase style there. Anyway, just my 2cents ;)