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Aug 17, 2006 05:40 PM

Great Breakfast Burrito at La Salsa

Hard to believe, I know. I had an early meeting this morning so no time to have breakfast at home. When the meeting broke, I went to the La Salsa next door to my office and tried one of their breakfast burritos -- scrambled eggs, chorizo and cheese. It was, hands down, the best meal I've ever eaten at La Salsa and sets a new high for me in the category of fast food breakfasts. The chorizo was nicely flavored with good spice, the eggs creamy and the cheese added a bit of tang and texture. In fact, this was better than many of the non-fast food breakfast burritos I've had. Really damn tasty. (Of course, this could have been a freak occurrence, and I've no idea if their breakfast items are consistent across time or from store to store.)

With some frequency, I end up on the road early in the morning, and am always looking for a good national chain/fast food breakfast option. For $3.75, this is now my goto fast food breakfast choice.

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  1. what time did they open? 10am isn't the greatest time to get breakfast.....its almost lunch time....sort of....

    1. The one I went to opens at 8 am.