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Aug 17, 2006 05:16 PM

NY Noodletown Salt-Baked Question

I've been going to Noodletown for a couple of years and have always enjoyed the salt-baked dishes for their delicious simplicity. Two or so months ago, I ordered the salt-baked eggplant and bean curd dish in which the pieces were stuffed with something (breading, fat, herbs?). Is this a change? Are all salt-baked items stuffed too, or is it just the bean curd and eggplant that is prepared this way?

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  1. Another question, if I may piggyback on this thread: Are the salt-baked items "breaded" with anything other than plain cornstarch? That is, is there an egg wash, any wheat flour, or any seasoning other than salt, such as pepper?


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      Depends on the restaurant as there are quite a few variations in how the dish is done, from crunchy to crumbly to hardly any breading, though pepper is typically added to this dish. I think when items are stuffed it has more to do with that item itself (e.g., tofu) rather than with it being salt baked.

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        Thanks. I'm asking specifically about Noodletown, with regard to a friend's allergies.

        By pepper, do you mean ground pepper, as opposed to the sliced hot long green peppers that accompany the dish?

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          Yes, ground pepper. I'm not sure if you'll ever find out about Noodletown specifically, except by reverse engineering.

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            Thanks again.

            Maybe I'll work on my Cantonese and give them a call, though a couple of the waiters have pretty good English.

    2. I've enjoyed the various salt-baked fish items, and none of them are stuffed.

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        Thanks! I had a huge craving and went last night. The shrimp was delicious and, thankfully, unstuffed!!

      2. I cant talk to noodletown, but these so-called saltbaked dishes shouldnt be breaded - that seems to be a bastardization that has crept in in the last few years, so disgusting.

        what I cansider to be the classic versions may be LIGHTLY dusted with cornstarch with some 5-spice, maybe. Most restaurants deepfry the item, then finish the dish by throwing the item into an already-frying mix of salt, chopped ginger and chiles, maybe scallions . I tried this at home with some fresh flounder last week and it tasted lovely, but it is a trick keeping the cornstarch to a light dusting - the seafood must be dry.