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Aug 17, 2006 05:14 PM

LA Restaurants with no corkage fee?

Are there any places other than La Buca in LA that have no corkage fee?
I am in Hollywood but travel for a good meal.

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  1. I'd recommend going to Bisto K in South Pasadena It's a drive, true, but it's great food at very reasonable prices with no corkage fees.

    It's a small place, so get reservations and sit outside if it's a nice night.

    1. All the restaurants in the Patina group (with the exception of Patina itself) have free corkage. Suggest you double check with the restaurant before you go, though.

      1. Girasole, in Larchmont Village. Next door to a wine store, too, and the food is excellent.

        1. table 8 mondays...inexpensive pre-fixe menu.

          1. Cobras and Matadors if you're in the mood for tapas...