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Aug 17, 2006 04:52 PM

politica on adelaide

anybody tried this restaurant yet? it's around adelaide west and strachan.

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  1. My Chow friend tried it on opening day and recommends the pizza and lamb chops. They got a good write-up in City Bites magazine. I'm planning to go. The menu doesn't look original or cheap, however.

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    1. re: Food Tourist

      I really miss the Italian resto that was there before. They had a fantastic Northern Italian menu and it was priced around the concept of a primi and a secondi. I must second Food Tourist, the menu looks very unispired (better pizza can be had at Terroni's, a short 10 min walk away).

      1. re: Ubervache

        The old place was Bollicine and I liked the intimate casual feel of it but knew it was probably doomed. They've done a great job renovating the building though.
        Menu and photos at

        The menu looks SO boring. It's odd as there's usually one or two items that kind of get your attention but this is a terribly generic menu. Still will probably try given that it's so close.

        1. re: Ubervache

          just recently found out that their pizza maker... bum ba dum... is originally from terroni!

          haven't been yet but will go to try.

      2. Went there a week ago on a friday evening. It was pretty hot out so we dined inside. nice room, dark wood and tables, cozy feeling... it looks as though they have live music some evenings as well.

        We weren't that hungry so we stuck to appetizers and drinks.
        I had the calamari, it was deep fried with cornmeal breading, and was perfectly cooked. It was served with a citrus dessing, very yummy.
        We also shared the glazed ribs, which were sticky, tender, and yummy.
        The "bruschetta" was basically their pizza with tomatos, basil, garlic & olive oil, and was far larger than we thought it would be.
        The ceasar salad was very good, with thick slices of parm, and double cooked bacon.
        4 appz + 1 beer + 1 martini was about $70 tax&tip in, and we were quite full...

        i'd go back,

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        1. re: mgs

          Great atmosphere and cuisine (much better than the old Bollicine)! I found the menu had a great variety for the simple minded and sophisticated diner. For the quality of food and service, the pricing is very attractive. Business is steady and shows a growing popularity with not only the neighborhood crowd but also GTA and outside vistors.

        2. it is worth going to this place for the mango chili ribs alone! they are fall off the bone tender - sweet and delicious. I recently read somewhere that the caramalized shallot ribs at foxley (on ossington) were the best in the city but i have tried both and i disagree - Politica's are much better.

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            127 Strachan Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2S7, CA

            1. Tried this place last night- great atmosphere, but I was underwhelmed by the food. The spinach salad came with about 1/4 ounce of gorgonzola, maybe a half dozen candied pecans, and 4 thin slices of apple, and it was seriously underdressed. I tried my friend's pizza- uninspired and very ordinary.

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              1. re: phoenikia

                Agreed. I enjoy the staff and dining room but the menu is a little limited and while the tuna I had was of good quality, the flavor was lacking in strength and the included salsa similarly bland. The portion was quite generous though, given the price.

                But given it's location there are better alternatives nearby: Terroni, Swan, etc.